Interview Experience – Anushka

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Anushka, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Anushka

Date – 28/01/2015

Degree – Economic Honors 

Venue – Tagore Public School , Jaipur
Time – 8:30 am , Panel – IV

They  called the candidates one by one for documents verification and then for PI . I reached the place around 8.15 A.M. 

I was 7th in my panel list for interview.
I entered the room and greeted everyone . They smiled and said GM and asked me to take my seat . Panel had 4 members . 3 sir and 1 mam. 
M1 – Hello. How are you ?

Me – Good but tad nervous sir. 

M1 – It is good if you are nervous this means you are serious for this ( he might said this to make me feel home and normal )

Me – smiled back .

M1 – Tell me about you and your family.

Me – I told them that i like watching Hollywood movies. Like to watch lot of sports like Cricket, lawn tennis etc. 

Then told that my father and my elder brother both are Branch managers working in SBI bank and Bank Of India respectively.

M1 – laughed and said – ” Tumhare toh khoon main hi banking hai’

me – I did not found it too funny but I smiled back . faked the smile 

M1 – you are only 22 . It will not be too much burden in such young age to be a PO?

Me – i said sir age is just a number . I have the will and determination to this job very well. my elder brother became po when he was 22. And he loves his job and has been fantastic for his organization. Plus i have my family support for each step of my life and find no reason why cant i do it. Also , the minimum age for applying for PO exam is 21 and i guess am already late by a year.

M1 – Who is the Finance Minister and External Affairs Minister of India?

Me – Arun jaitely & Sushma Swaraj respectively 

M1 – What are the functions Of RBI ?

Me – Told. i did tell him 5-6 points and he said okay. 

M1 – okay beta. turned towards M2 and said sir u may proceed . 
M2 – So u did Economic Honors . 

Me – yes sir.

M2 – Definition of Economics .

Me – told.

M2 – What is marginal utiity.

Me – Told

M2 – why it is important and where it is u used.

Me – to derive law of Diminishing marginal utility. 

M2 – What is Shut down point  Difference between Shut down point and Break Even point.

Me – very easy. i prepared it very well. told a long thing within 30 seconds.

M2 – good. Can You tell me who recived Nobel Prize of Economics this year and for what ?

Me –  Answered ( Jean Tirole for market study relating to market power )

M2 – Any Indian Econmoist who has won it

Me – Amartya Sen.

Now M3 turn 

M3 – You are a girl and you like watching cricket and lawn tennis . May i ask some questions on it. They wont be difficult. 

Me – yes sir.

M3 – Who is the captain of New Zealand Cricket team. ( He was almost sure that i wont be able to answer it )

Me – Brendon McCullum 

M3 – Oh you know that. Are you sure ?

Me – 100 %

M3 – Which team does he represent in IPL ?

me – Chennai Super Kings.

M3 – A player was in in new recently who died while playing a match. Tell me the player who died and the bowler name who did hit him ?

Me – Phil Hughes. Sean Abbott the bowler who was bowling to him. 

M3 – Tell me where is  the HQ of Bank of India. Tell me what is CRR and SLR too.

Me  – Answered. 

M4 ( mam )

M4 – does banking field interest you or just because your who family is in banking field and You look up to them and that is the reason you want to join it ? 

Me – Mam i have keen interest in banking feild. Plus having an economics background it works in my favor as i understand the banking terms quite easily and i follow banking news .

M4 – Who won US Open in 2014 . Women Singles

me – Serena Williams.

M4 – Are you sure ?

me – yes mam. She has won US open 3 in a row . In 2012 , 2013 and 2014

M4 – Do you watch Bollywood Movies.

me – not a lot mam. Only those who has my favorite actors. 

M4 – Fav8 Male Actors? 

me – Akshay Kumar , John Abraham & varun Dhwan.

M4- Your Fav8 Akshay Kumar movie ?

me – Namestay London .


M4 – So you do not find Any1 good from Big3 khans. 

Me – From personal point of view – No mam.

M4 – Laughed. Said okay and you may go now and have a nice day !

me – thanked everyone and left.