Interview Experience – Ashwani Kumar – IBPS SO (IT)

My interview was in morning session 8:30AM so i reached the venue according….They allowed us to enter around 8:45AM.
After that document verification started :
  • Need to arrange document in order, starting from 10th ,12th and so on.
  • Need to self attest each document.

They were checking each document properly.Once document verification done.I was waiting for my turn for interview… number was 2nd last in the list.
I entered in interview room around 11:45 AM.
I wish all of them.
Member 1:
Q:What you are doing ?
Ans: sir i am working in IT company in NCR.
Q:Why you want to leave your IT job and want to join bank?
Ans: Told them.
Member 2:
Q:Have you worked on database?
ans: yes sir..
Q: Which one ?
and Sql.
Q: What is difference b/w MySQL and SQL.
ans:i said no idea.
Q:What do you means by open source s/w?
Ans:Sir we don’t need to purchase any license to use these s/w.
e.g Ubuntu OS.
Then he told me that MySQL is also open source( i was unaware about that)
Q:What is diff b/w DDL and DML?
ans:told…DDL statement used to define the database structure or schema and DML  used for managing data within schema.
ddl auto committed while dml not and so on….explained with example.
Q: COMMIT, ROLLBACK statement fall in which category ?
ans: I could not recollect at that time….it was in TCL(transaction control language)..
Q7: What is OTP?
Ans: i thought  he was asking about OLTP(online transaction processing)…he said no its related to security….then i recollect that he is asking about the OTP(One time password)…while doing online transaction we 4 verification purpose we get password on our mobile….so told about that…then he said yes  you got it.
Q:So you worked in infosys. Did you know that infosys provide banking s/w did u know ?
Ans: yes sir Its finacle.
Q:So Have you worked on it?
Ans:No sir.
Member 4 
Q: What security feature you use while developing s/w?
ans:Told them like login id and password.
Q:Any thing else you use?
Ans: Told that from our side we don’t use any other security.
Q:Have u done online shopping in snapdeal?
Ans yes sir.
Q:what is SSL?
Ans: told whatever i know…
Member 5:
Q: Any one can steel information from server so how to secure that?
ans:I told him that when we send request from client(UI) then it doesn’t hit server directly. B/w client and server there is one more layer known as proxy server , where all authentication take place once verified then our request processed.
Q:How can we make debit/credit card 100% secure?
Ans:i told him that why 100% security is difficult to achieve?
Q:What security feature do you think should be there?
Ans:i said we might include biometric security but its costly to include as it will take lots of time and money.
That’s it they said thank you and ALL  the Best….Now you can leave…i said thank you 🙂 
Overall good experience……….
This was my 4th interview since dec 2014 starting from sbi clerk(Dec 2014),ibps po(Jan 2015), NIACL AO(Feb 2015) and ibps so(March 2015)……

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