Interview Experience: Bank of Baroda

Name: Saurabh Sabharwal
Bank: Bank of Baroda
Post: Probationary Officer
Panelist: 3 (P1, P2, P3)

p3…. u r wearing a very good dress
me….thank u sir

p1….what is ur rank…
me….2396………( he wrote it)

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p1 which college
me…he works in xyz bank (he wrote it)

p1..which other interview have u given
me….allahabad,uco,pnb( he wrote it)

p1… what do ur father do
me….answere( he wrote it)

now the most awaited question came

p1….ur a comp sc student …why do u want to join banking
me….sir i am very passioante about banking and i want to make my carrer in banking

p1..than y did u do engeneering
me…sir i was very young i didn’t know what my interest was

p2..( smiling) don’t lie to us we want to know the real answer

me…sir i am really very passionate about it i also maintain a scrap book in which i paste lots of banking and finance articles

p1…comp sc is a very good field there are lot of oppurtunities and u r a 2010 passout and recession came in 2009

me ..i agree there are lots of opputunities but point is that i have interest in banking and want to make my carrer in banking

p2…yaar ye achanak se kaise realize hua ..its like after becoming pilot u want to drive a bus
me….sir achanak se nahi…i have reasearched a lot and i have explored alot in last 1 yr about banking

p1…ur dad is in bank .u could have known about banking
me..sir i was good in maths and science and i didn’t had awareness and wisdom to know what other option there are to make a good carrer so…being a good maths and science student can u be benfecial as a po
me…sir in banking we accept deposit at 8% and give loans at 12 % and it can be done by common sense and i don’t think we need any rocket science kind a knowledge….( he asked deposit at ?? i said 8%…..i hope he was able to understand what i meant ..not cut my marks on this point)
and i am from science backgroung so i have very good analytical skills(nodded his head; increased my confidence) and i think i will be able to perform brightly, and if a person has interest in a job he can perform much better than the person who has good marks in academic but does not have interest in this job(nodded his head…a valid point)

p2..what is greek default

sir ..greek took sovereign loan and she was not able to pay it and it defaulted ..sovereign debt is 90 billion$(hayila wrong source se info li thi..mehenga pad gaya) 90 billion in not the right figure
me..may be my source is not right

p2…its 340 billion $..twice its gdp
me…ok sir………………….many european countries are facing this problem ..and even lots of exeperts are saying that us may go into another recesiion in 2 -3 yrs b coz none of the problems are solved which caused recession

p2..what is lehman brothers
ans…sir it was investment bank it got bankrupt ..its cdo…failed and insurance that they had for cdo from aig …as AIG also failed and didn’t got there money and got bankrupt

p2….cdo???…cdo means
me….credit debt obligation..sir its a derivative

p2..what about goldman sachs
me..sir i didn’t go bankrupt

p2..i didn’t got but what are they..
me…sir its also a investment bank

p2..what other govt institutions failed??
me..i don’t know other institution but citi , AIG, lehman failed

p2…general motors also failed
me…yes sir general motors also failed they got stimulus from govt

p2…why citi didn’t fail
me..sir b coz it was able to get stimulus from US govt and did lobbying got divided after recession
me..yes sir into citi corp and citi bank

p2…citi corp for what
me…sir riskier buisness

p2 yes…(smiled..khush ho gaye answer sunke)…and said citi bank for general banking p3 to p1 kuch poochna hai
ok ok……sir nodd karke jaane ka signal kar diya

( what that’s it i can’t let my interview finish like that……….as ashish said

….win or loose i ve promised my self to play like a champion….winning or lossing is irrelevant……what matter is i give my 100%)

(as i was getting positive vibes from them so i started the conversation again)

sir citi bank failed due to sub prime loans b coz they were charging higher interest loans

p2..sub prime is there its always been..its also in india..(what india mein kab se aayagi.).. we give loans to farmers

me..sir but we give subsidised loans

p2…if u ‘ll will look the perspective that farmers don’t repay loans…and all subsidized loans become npa

me…ok sir yes….( vaah kya point maara sir ne)..sir our policies are so wrong that 50k crore we have oil subsidy and 70k crore we have food subsidy..then we compenseate oil companies..its like we are taking money from one pocket and depositing in another

then i continued sir sub prime led to real state bubble than ppl in US didn’t had money so they gave there home to banks but bubble burst down and banks were not able to recover there money

p2…(smiling enjoying the conversation) so what is the moral of the story
(sardarji also started smiling)
me…sir we should not be was smiling and enjoying..)

ok thanx