Interview Experience – Djoko

Another morning, another date with few creaky guys. This time it was the turn for IBPS boys & they looked quite prepared for it !
Heyo guys Djoko here & I’m sharing my IBPS PO Interview experience happened on 24th Jan 2015 !

I reached there at Dena bank office in Ahmadabad when the clock was at 8:31:57 AM & they allowed me (official time 8:30), the building looked classy from outside but the interior was terrible as it is still under construction & the work still going on in full swing. They told us to wait in the auditorium & as usual there were people for verification who started pouring Gyaan Ganga (instructions) on us like checklist for docs that had to be arranged in that order only, NOCs for jobwale guys.. !

There were 50 candidates for the morning session divided in two panels. Mine was 4th in the verification process they called me, the boy in the verification was trying to be cool or you can say extra rude like too many mark sheets in graduation (back logs ) & was also telling that your marks in graduation were in CGPA you need to give the conversion certificate for that & i told him that there is no need for that but he continued to behave like a kiddo crying for Lollipop & finally as a mature i gave him the Lollipop (certi), he looked quite satisfied after that ! After that verification process done.
Note : No need for Xth, XIIth marksheets ! ( degree certi & mark sheets are enough)

Finally that moment came I don’t know the exact time as the clock was too far, tensions were running high, the door was too near, the sweat was all over & all of the sudden boommm ( door bell) rang,heart beat skipped & the HR girl shouted Time to go Djoko !

I was in the process of  Inhale confidence, Exhale doubts the same thing goes on & on & on..!

Now on a serious note !

I opened the door & saw 4 Mr. & 1 Ms. (all above 52 years 7 months 18-19 days) smiling at me. I took there permission & wished them morning sir, mam individually.

They offered me the sit & the session goes as follows :

Mr 1 : So Djoko tell me about yourself apart from your name, family, marks !

Djoko : Sir I am  2014 batch pass out ** Engineer from *** Uni. I think I’m quite mature compare to other guys of my age group. Right now my top most priority is my career, my future & I’m very much focused on it. I understand my responsibilities very well & can adjust in every type of situation. I believe in making short goals & right now my goal is to get a good stable, secure job in banking sector !

Mr 2: what makes you thing that you are maturer than other guys out there ?

Djoko : Engineering played a crucial role in that. In 4 years it just turned a ordinary  boy into career oriented man. Engineers think differently that other graduates we started to think about our future right after the 3rd year while others waits for there graduation to get over. we learned most of the aspects of life during that 4 years.

Mr.2 : So Mr. mature your academic records tells us a different story you failed in XIIth, got 6 backlogs in graduation. explain us (In hindi, this oldie was ridiculously rude ) 

Djoko : sir as a teenager yes i was interested in activities other than studies & it affect my academic records…Mr. 2 interrupted

Mr. 2: what about college tab to tum above 18 ho chuke the ! (you were above 18 at that time )

Djoko : I explained but he didn’t look satisfied & kept on questioning about every sub. in which I got backlog .

Mr.3 : NPA ke baare main batao jisse banks ko itna loss ho raha hai ? (okay now tell me about NPA as it affecting our banking sector badly ?)

Djoko : Answered jo bhi ratta hua tha ! he interrupted..

Mr. 3: you look confused ! chalo its ok

tell me about  PMJDY !

Djoko : explained..

Mr 3 : ye pehli scheme hai isse pehle koi aur thi ?

Djoko : hmmm.. yes ! (actually i don’t know )

Mr. 3: naam batao ?

Djoko: don’t know sir !

Mr. 4 : NABARD ke baare main batao ?

Djoko : bata diya..

Mr.4 : kisi bank main account hai ? (do you have any account in bank?)

Djoko : yes sir ! SBI main saving account

Mr. 4: Interest ?

Djoko : 4 %

Mr. 4 : banks main kitne types ke accounts hote hai ? ( types of accounts in bank)

Djoko : sav., curr, fix & recurr !

Mr. 4 : recurring account batao ?

Djoko : explained..
Ms : so Djoko please tell me how banks earns money other than interest ?
Djoko : I took some time…then said ATM transactions !

Ms. : tell me your top 2  bank prefernce?
Djoko : BOB, PNB .

Ms. : why these two only ?
Djoko : expalined like more no. of branches so more no. of vacancies & also in BOB i will get a chance to stay in Gujarat. (pretty straightforward)

Ms. : top 3 private banks ke naam batao ?
Djoko : ICICI, Axis & HDFC

Ms, : co-operative banks ke naam batao tumne raaste main ate hue dekhi hogi ? (name co-operative banks that you must have seen on the way )
Djoko : hmm.. kalupur coop bank, cosmos, adc.. ! 

Ms. :  current FM 
Djoko : shu..then all of sudden Arun jaitley (even though i know the answer i was going to say sushma swaraj, was nervous at that time)

Ms. : current Home minster
Djoko : Rajnath Singh

Ms. : commerce and industry minister
Djoko : don’t know

Ms. : aaj koi festival hai kuch pata hai tumhe ? ( today is festival do you have any idea about it )

Djoko : Vasant panchmi related to Goddess saraswati !

Ms. : any other exam cleared ?
Djoko : No ( yo I’m a liar )

Okay Djoko you can go now ! (they were not smiling, so can’t judge were they impressed or not ? )
Thank you 🙂
So guys the conclusion is that confidence hona achha hai but over confidence can spoil your hard work.Confidence is the only outfit that you can’t buy !
I answered the first two questions with full on confidence but that didn’t go well with them & they know how to bring down such guys for sure ! ( May be that Mr. 2 was not an Engineer ! )
Note : I don’t want to insult or let down any other graduate so please don’t feel bad !

Time for my tips :
Remember folks Most of the stuff you guys worry about never happens !
One more घणा चौधरी ना बने ! (don’t be over smart)
keep it ReaL ! 🙂
This is Djoko signing off !