Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Brahma

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Brahma, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Brahma (Female)
Education – BE-MBA-Kokrajhar  
Venue – Guwahati, Assam
Date – 21/01/2015 
M – Male 
F – Female 
Panel – M1, M2, M3, M4, F1, M5 

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Me – As I opened the door, may I come in sir? 
M3- Yes please 
Me – I looked at everyone and greeted them, and separately to lady panel. I greeted her. 
M3 – Take your seat 
Me – Thank you sir!
M3 – Tell me about yourself. 
Me – My name is Brahma, I am basically from—, but born and brought up in—- as my father is working with—-. 
My mother is homemaker and I have 1 sibling. He is elder brother, working as — at —- branch. 
Education: I did my 10th from—,12th from—,graduation in—from—,PG in— from — 
M3 again: Hobbies? 
Me: Whenever I get leisure time I like playing —, sometimes watching some selected —, if I get 
opportunity I like travelling as I like visiting new places and learning new culture. In solitude I like 
reading novels. Recently I read 2 novels —- and —-. 
M3: Who is the author of your 1st novel? 
Me: Sorry sir, I am not able to recall the name. 
F1: What is the name of the novel 
Me- Told 
M3: Did you like the novel? 
Me: Yes sir, I really liked it, its about a person who has achieved everything in his career still he is not happy. It’s a book about mind enlightment and enlargement. Anyone who is looking the real purpose of life and happiness in life can go through this book. 
M3: Very much impressed. Even I have read the book and author name is this—. 
Me- I smiled. Ok sir. 
F1- Impressed and smiled. 
M3 – So, I will ask you some general knowledge questions.
Who is the head of BMB, SBI, Axis, ICICI?
Me – Told all the names correctly. 
M3 – Very good. What is the common in them?
Me – They all are women and sir I have read all the profiles of all the 4 ladies and I am very much inspired by them. 

M3 – So you defiantly have an interest in banking sector 
Me- yes sir
M3 – Do you have bank account?
Me – Yes sir 
M3 – Did you like the banking service at your place this —- branch? 
Me – Sorry sir, I won’t be able to give you the correct answer as I mostly have stayed out for studies and transactions are mostly  done by dad, as he doesn’t allow me to go alone. 
M3 – Laughed, also some of the judges and smiled. So who has come along with you today at interview. 
Me – I replied. 
M3- So, entire family has come to drop you and smiled. 
Finally a question from M1: so if you get the job, you will be posted anywhere, do you think they will allow you. 
Me – Definitely sir. As they have trust in me. And supported and respected all my decisions in life. I 
wished to study, they have supported me till my MBA course even if there were criticizes from relatives and localities. And this job is a very respectable job with job security and social status, they will definitely allow me. 
All judges impressed and smiled. 
Last but not the least: M3: I would like to suggest you as my daughter that (—————  ) 
Me- I smiled. Sure sir! Thank you sir for your valuable suggestion. 
M3. So my dear all the very best and thank you. Have a chocolate 
Me- thank you so much sir. Smiled and picked up the chocolate. 
Rest judges were the silent observer and conversation was mostly between M3 and me. 
The overall experience was excellent!!
All the Best Brahma!!!