Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – LuckyMe

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of LuckyMe, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Day: 19/01/2015
Venue: Trivandrum

1 pm

I reached the venue one hour before and I could see a large crowd sitting there.. The parents of morning session batch were still there.. That meant we had to wait longer.. We were taken to the hotel where interview was taking place at 1:45.. Then verification! My turn came quite late.. By then many had been taken for their interviews.. I waited there with mixed feelings.. Like Am i really here? Why am I shivering? Is it just the AC ? 😀

I started talking with fellow candidates.. It really helped ease out my tension coz many of them had good experience in interviews and they said..CHILL!! Verification people were also very warm..Mam was impressed because of my social science marks in 10th certificate, she said 😀
My turn of going into the panel’s room came at around 5.. By then I chit chatted with almost everyone who sat next to me 😀

And the officials who took us before panel were just great.. He told me not to worry and smile 🙂
My name was called.. That Sir opened out the door for me.. So I entered with a smile.. Every face inside was happy to see me, I felt. 4 Sirs and One madam.. I wished them and they asked me to take seat.

Self introduction
Why bank after Btech?( Give reasons which others didnt give )

Have you applied for BEL, ISRO?

What do you think about Miss India Contest?? Is it right for Indian culture?? Who is the current miss India?

Any motivational films you have seen?? I said Life of Pi (nothing else came to my mind then). He asked “Don’t you watch Shah Rukh’s films?” I got excited.. I said Yes Sir!! Then Can you tell us what are the qualities which you have noticed in Chak De India?? How did SRK manage in bringing out the best from a egoistic lot?? Answered.. They seemed happy.

Then they asked about a famous Indian art film director from Kerala.

If you get appointed as PO and the clerk is of higher qualifiaction than you, how would you cope with his ego and how will you extract work from him?

If you are posted in a branch with almost no progress, what all will you do to bring it back to life??

About CommonWealth, National Games in Kerala, the controversies about it..Cricket, Football.. It went on and on.. And I was at the happiest coz i am an ardent fan of watching sports 😀

They were also happy and they laughed in between.. It was just like a discussion.. No need to worry at all..Just be very careful with documents..They are too particular about dates..

For all those who are yet to be interviewed, my suggestion is to stay true.. DO NOT beat around the bush.. If you don’t know something, just tell them.. They are not going to eat you.. And before getting inside the room, Just think that it is not the last chance!

Good luck!! 🙂


Good Luck LuckyMe!!!