Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Sachin Waghmare

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Sachin Waghmare, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Sachin Waghmare
Date – 19-01-2015
Venue – BOM, Mumbai
Qualification – Graduate in Pharmacy and MBA in Pharma management (only thing which is focused throughout the interview)
Time – 1 pm
Panel – 1

Document verification done till 2pm, they took interview for 7-8 min. for each candidate, mine also was for 8 min, i was prepared with some regular interview que. or you can say i mugged up these que and some banking terms…

I was second in list, interview started at 2.30.

I entered with a smile and smile left me at door only.. i wished them, they asked me to sit.

There were 5 people in a panel ( 4 male and 1 female)

When M1 started asking que, M2 was busy on call and M3 was busy with my documents.

M1- So, sachin.. tell me about urself.
Me – answered

M1 – Why you left your field and why you choose banking?
Me – explained in detail (he was convinced)

M1 – Tell me what other things bank do except accepting diposites and giveng loan
Me – I explained other functions of bank.

M1 – Then he fired 4 que to me,

  • Can we buy any kind of product from bank? I said NO.
  • Can we buy railway ticket from bank? I said NO.
  • Can we buy gold from bank? I said NO
  • Can we donate money to temples from bank? 

Before answering this, thought I answered 3rd ques wrong and if am not sure I should say no and I said don’t know about this.

M1 and a lady was smiling looking at each other.

Then M1 asked female to proceed,

F – What is RTGS, NEFT, difference between them n what are the limits?
Me – I answered all the questions.

M2 – (he finished with his call now) Asked again, why banking after pharmacy graduation, how you will managed in banking?

Me – I grab his attention towards my MBA and explained some things which can be useful for banking ( like customer and product management etc) he was not looking satisfied.

M2- If you are good at customer management and have ability to convince them, then y don’t you join private banks, you will get good growth there.
Me– I explained my interest ans benefits of public sector, but he was not looking satisfied.

M3 – what is CASA?
ME – answered

M3- what is interest rate on saving account in nationalized banks?
Me- 4%

M3- why it is nationalised?
Me– (i dint got his que.) and said sorry sir i dnt knw.

M4– (all the tym he was looking at my documents) finally  he paid attention in intervie n asked same thing… why you left pharma field, there is also a growth?
Me– (i was expecting this que. bt not 3-4 times) and i was tired repeating same things n said….. sir i was not gud at studies during graduation…(dint.finished my ans)

M3– interrupt n said why u were nt gud, your patents are teacher? ( as i told about my parents profesion while explaining about my self)
me– i was like what to say about this n i kept quiet.

all are saying ok you can go. I was about to say thank you..

M3 asked again- Do you really want to work in a bank, because your qualification is totally diff?

I said YES sir.

They said ok, All the best.. I said thank you n left the room.

Through out the interview they were not looking satisfied with my interest in banking, anyways, hoping for the best!!

Finally I wanted to say a big thank you to BankersAdda team which helped me lot to crack written exam n also for interview preparation.