Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Himanshu Yadav

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Himanshu Yadav , one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Name – Himanshu Yadav 
Date of interview- 21.01.2015 
Panel – XIII 
Venue – Bank of India, Staff Training College, Sector – 62, Noida 
Interview shift – Morning  i.e 8:30am 

The entry through the gate exactly starts at 8:30am …there was checking of the OBC certificate in the entry gate after that they were allowing the students to sign in front of their respective names. 
Then we were asked to go to hall no. 2 where all the students of different panels were sitting and 2 
teachers were  there  they were calling  5 students of different different panel and then guide us 
Then  my documents verification done in another room which tooks a long time but the person eases u a bit .. very friendly in  nature. 
My name was in the top of the list so I was called immediately after my document verfication …in short. I got no time to feel nervous 😛 
Entered the room which the lady first after all the gents. They offered me a seat without speaking 
anything just pointing his finger towards the chairs. 
There was no question that tell me about urself…..the panel member seating in the middle  starts 
M1– You are Mr. Himanshu Yadav? 
Me- Yes sir 
M1- You have done B. Tech? 
Me – Yes sir, in electronics and communication.
Simultaneously, he was checking my subjects…he saw environmental science in my 10th class 
marksheeet which is not my subject but still I answered question on that.
M1 – What u have read in environmental science?
Me – Sir, about atmosphere..nothing comes in the mind 
M1 – Which gas has the max. composition in the atmosphere? 
Me – Nitrogen 
M1 – What is photosynthesis?
Me – Explained 
M1 – You are from Rewari (my city). There is a freight corridor in your area recently developing purpose of that.
Me – Sir for the shipments and to develop the industries (he agreed) 
M1 – Asked about my father occupation and my brother occupation too 
M2 – Which tree absorbs CO2 at night and releases oxygen? 
Me – Peepal tree (in hindi) 
M2 – What is phishing? 
Me – Sorry sir, I don’t know 
M3 – Your hobbies 
Me – Answered 
M3 – Who is the captain of Indian volleyball team(as volleyball is my hobby) 
Me– I love playing volleyball rather than watching…I said I dun know sir 
M4 – What is bank?
Me– answered  
M4 – Other functions of banks 
Me – answered with a bang 😛 
M4 – You said credit creation ….tell me how it can be done?
Me – Again answered with example taking  rs1000 
M4 – You said NTDL. How much bank has to kept?  
Me – CRR to RBI and SLR for themselves 
M4 – How CRR and SLR helps in economic? 
Me – I said maintaining the liquidity  
L1 – What is RTGS? 
Me – Explained with its lower limit i.e 2 lakh.
L1 – If its limit is 2 lakh then for transferring rs less than 2lakh what will u do? 
L1 – Explain 
Me – Explained with its Nepal limit and said there is no limit except that 
Seems impressed everyone finally:P 
M3 – We can use RTGS in the same bank (like bank of india Delhi branch to bank of India Rewari branch). 
Me – Don’t know sir 
Then finally they said thanks and ask me leave!!
Said thanks and leaves the room gently!!
There were no such questions that why u want to join  bank? Blah blah 
Its completely spontaneous. 
There is nothing in there mind and nothing in my mind 😛