Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – The Silent Energy

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of The Silent Energy, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Interview center- Dehradun
God sent an Angel to rescue an agnostic.
I reached the venue at 8.30 am. They checked my document and said your provisional degree date is December 14, you are not allowed to sit, I explained them that I had already cleared all exams before June. So I’m technically eligible. It’s because of university’s carelessness, I applied for degree and consolidated in June, but they didn’t publish it. I gave them old mark sheet, a letter from college, a court affidavit. But they denied, I pleaded, pleaded and pleaded more. But they were not even listening to me. 

I was 16th in the morning session. I was upset, I was frustrated, angry on my university, on my college. I couldn’t help. Never felt so helpless. I didn’t even realize that I haven’t had water or food since last night. I was in agony. Left the venue at 1 o clock, called my dad. Told him that I’m sorry for that. He said its ok beta. Everything happens for a reason. I felt better, but still in agony.
Finally at 5 I went for a tea. There was an uncle. He asked me about my mood,
“Beta bahut paresaan lag rahe ho. Interview dene ayye the. Kya hua?”
I explained everything to him and then came his words.
“Beta bhagwan pe bharosa karte ho?” He was asking an agnostic, I didn’t reply.
“Beta bhagwan pariksha leta hai, itni mehnat ki hai tumne, thoda or sabar rakho, bhagwan abhi bhi test kr raha hai. Jao ek baar or jao. Try karo. Explain karo unhe”
I said thanks uncle. He smiled and left.
At 6 I went back to the venue. Then there came a new senior HR person, he was not for my panel. He was looking cooperative. I went to him. Explained A to Z to hi. He checked my documents, stared them for at least 5 minute. Asked me to wait. Went to his colleagues. I could heard him.
“Tum log ise allow kyu ni kar rahe, publish date 12 December hai, but upar june likha hai. Don’t ruin someone’s career.” He came back to me, still frustrated me, was not optimistic.
He came back with a smile. “U can attend interview” I almost cried.” Went to washroom immediately. Looked in the mirror. My eyes were wet. Checked my newly bought suit, has become dirty. My white shirt was looking really pathetic. I didn’t care. I thought at least I am attending the interview now. 
I was 2nd last candidate in the evening. My turn came at 7.30 pm. Interview was above avg. Not great. Won’t go in the detail. As I was already tired. But I was happy. When I came back, in all the way to back home, I was thinking only one thing “God sent that uncle for me? was he trying to give me a msg?” 
I don’t know what will be final result, but I’m really happy. I learnt my lesson. No more an agnostic. Theist I am.
No matter what happen, never ever give up. Don’t loose your hope. I gave my best, rest is on him, he the almighty. 
P.S.-  At venue you will meet so many idiot, who will try to demoralize you. Don’t listen to them. Just focus on yourself. 🙂 all the best to all of you.