Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – t3chn0vamp

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of  t3chn0vamp, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Date: 21/01/2015

Venue: PNB Circle Office, Ludhiana
Time: 8:30 AM
Panel: 2

I reached the venue at around 8:40. Most of the morning shift interviewees were already there. Document verification started at around 9:30. My turn was 3rd & documents of 3 candidates were being verified at a time so it didn’t take much long and I was done with the document verification at around  9:45 AM.

Interviews started at 9:50 AM and each Interview was of 10 Minutes duration (I was counting :P). My turn came at 10:10 AM. I entered the interview room with a smile & greeted them all. There were 3 Gents & 2 Ladies in the panel, but only one male sitting in the center was asking the questions. 

Others were silent observers. 😛

M: Why Sri is used before Ganganager’s name? (I belong to Sri Ganganagar)

Me: Explained

M: What is your Hobby?

Me: Working on the computers.

M: What kind of work?

Me: Troubleshooting & testing new softwares.

M: Why Banking after B.Tech when you can get good salary in private sector?
Me: Explained

M: Its ok. We want Engineers to come to the banks so that we don’t have to wait for the technicians to rectify the small problems occurred in the computers.

Everyone was  😀 😀 😀

M: Name one person who became the owner of a multi millionaire company and was not very much intelligent?

Me: Mr. Bill Gates

M: Who is Loksabha Speaker?

Me: Mrs. Sumitra Mahajan

M: Who is Rajyasabha Speaker?

Me: Didn’t remember at that time so apologized for the same!

M: Tenure of Rajyasabha members

Me: Appology again!

M: Tenure of state assembly members?

Me: 5 yrs.

M: Name the one state where members have 6 years of tanure

Me:  J&K

M: Why so?

Me: Because of Article 370

M: What is Article 370?

Me: Explained in detail.

M: Current CM of Rajasthan?

Me: Mrs. Vasundhra Raje

M: Previous CM of Rajasthan?

Me: Mr. Ashok Gehlot

M: What is RBI, what does it do?

Me: Answered

M: What is Clean note policy?

Me: Answered

M: Explain Old note exchange policy?

Me: Explained

M: What will happen if someone doesn’t replace the old notes till the deadline?

Me: I said I am not 100% sure but those notes should be of no use.

M: No, the bank will still have to replace the notes but in a limited quantity & person’s ID proof will be necessary.

M: Ok Mr. t3chn0vamp you may go now, you answered all the questions very well, good luck. 🙂

So I greeted them all once again & left the interview room with a 🙂

Good Luck Everyone!

Good Luck t3chn0vamp!!

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