Interview Experience – IBPS PO 2014 – Pranaw Kumar

Hello Readers,
Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Pranaw Kumar , one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

I came to know about Bankersadda on the day of RRB exam in Gurgaon when I saw a guy reading gk capsule. Since then I visit BA daily and hv cleared IBPS PO , Clerk though I don’t take part in unnecessary chats.

My interview was on 21st of Jan at 1:00 o’clock. I reached the venue by 12:10. Guards called everyone to be in queue with OBC certificate in hand. Then officers checked strictly and line by line, some guys rejected on the spot.

Then in seminar hall all gathered and told us to arrange documents written on whiteboard and sent us to respective rooms for paper verification.

2 men in 50s were checking paper very strictly and they were rude to some people asking is it only you attended exam, how much you attempted. Half of the interview they took.

15 minutes for paper verification. Then waiting room. 

Guard came inside room and tried ease us out. “Beta sab budhe purane log hain interview lene, kisiko kuchh nahi aata, wo log aapse sikhenge, koi tension nahi lijiye, aram se boliyega”.

I was 3rd in the list of Interview panel-13

My interview started at 2:20 PM. One lady 4 gents all in 50 or 60s. 

Me: May I come in sir.
All: Yes beta plz.

Me: Good afternoon ma’am ,she smiled ,good afternoon sirs. 
All: Please baitho beta

M3: Apka naam?
Me: Sir, Pranaw Kumar

M1: Kis bank me a/c hai? 
Me: Sir Punjab National Bank me No frills a/c hai.

M1: Bank k functions btao
Me: Accepts deposit, lends to customer, sells bancassurance, and banks have various alternate channels like atm ,mobile, sms,internet, cheque dropbox. 

M1: OK, what is Ridden Lending?
Me: I got confused as voice of M1 was not coming. I said sir written? He said no Ridden by saying spelling. I said sorry sir I don’t know. Kabhi suna nahi.

Me: again voice was not clear, I asked if it is CRR or anything, M2 said he is sayinv DRI. I forgot what it is. I said sorry sir, I don’t know.

M3: Btech from?
Me: Dehradun, 

M3: Pranaw ,you have not stayed at one particular place, belong to Bihar then Dehradun then Delhi. What’s the difference between these places? What’s the Law & order situation which is best among these?
Me: Less awareness in Bihar, good education facility in Dehradun, good work opportunities in Delhi. 

Sir Bihar bich me thik tha jab Nitish kumar CM the but abhi jab se Jeetan Ram Manjhi aaye hain fir se gadbad ho gya hai. Or Delhi bhi gadbad hai abhi. Dehrdun comparatively achi city hai. 

M3: to M4 okay, Pandey jee ye ladka computer se hai, puchiye kuchh. 
I smiled.

M4: what’s Hacking?
Me: when someone uses computer knowledge and gains unauthorized access of system or data. 

M4: Phishing?
Me: Phishing is sending emails and fraud tarike se information nikalwa lena dhokhe se.

M4: How will you prevent phishing?
Me: By spreading awareness among customers using sms,emails.

M2: koi fund hai depositors awareness k liye?
Me: yes sir RBI has given DEAF guidelines.

Lady: Leadership and Teamspirit kya hai?
Me: I explained by using my work experience. 

Lady: How do you motivate whom you’re leading?
Me: Ma’am every Saturday half day k baad humlog music bajate hain, party karte hain, incentives dete hain.

Lady: so team spirit is a part of leadership?
Me: Yes ma’am.

M1,M2,M3,M4,Lady all started talking to each other and laughing. I too smiled. 

And asked tumhare company me Saturday chhutti nahi hai? 

Me: No sir, half day tak kaam hai. Startup company hai.

M2: Retail Lending kya hai? Which lending is better for Banks? Retail or corporate?
Me: I had answered opposite ,but corrected soon. Sir retail is for individuals and corporate for businesses. I think retail me jyada fayda hoga, jyada interest milega.

M4: Base rate se niche lend kar skte hain kya?
Me: no Sir, banks can’t lend below base rate.

M3: Tumhare is particular subject me +2 me marks thode kum hain? Aisa kyu?
Me: I explained, I was sick and suffering from Thrombocytopenia. 

M4: ye kya hota hai? Dengue fever hai kya?
Me: no sir it is blood related disease, explained components of blood, thrombocytopenia is lack of platelets jo clotting agent hota hai, platelets ki kumi se high grade fever, bleeding kahi se bhi hone lagta hai. 

All: Acha okay.

M3: Parents kya karte hain?
Me: I told. He looked satisfied. And told me okay that’s all. 

I got up and said Thank you very much and left. 

I think My interview was overall ok. I have attempted 103 in written, 2wrong. Let’s see what happens. 

Hope for the best! BA has played a very constructive role in my preparation. If I get selected. First of all I would like to meet & thank BA team. 🙂