IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience | Naveen Kumar

IBPS PO VIII Interview Experience

Hi Sir/Madam,

Date: 1st Feb 2019
Location: Bank of India, Noida.
Time: 1 PM

I am Naveen Kumar from Bhiwani Haryana. I wish to share my interview experience with all the banking aspirants and ADDA247 staff. I prepared for IBPS PO by writting ADDA247 mocks and they were very helpful as difficulty level was as per real exam standard.  Also I followed Bankers Adda DI book and ACE Banking and Static awareness book. All these materials were very helpful for me. Thanks adda247 team.

I reached at 12:30 PM. Biometric and Document verification was done till 2 PM. I had to wait for 2.5 hours. My Interview started at 4:30 PM. I need not to carry anything while entering the interview room. My documents are already with the Panel. Bell Rang, knocked the door, took permission and entered the room.
Panel: 5 Members
Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“Good evening mam! Good evening sirs!”

M3: Please sit.
ME: Thank you sir.

M3: Yes! Naveen, Introduce yourself.
ME: I introduced myself confidently.

M3: Ohh! So you were in Bank of America.
ME: Yes.

M3: What was your salary and why did you left.
ME: Told and he was satisfied.

M3: What was your work profile in Bank of America.
ME: Told (He was satisfied).

M3: Ok Naveen to btaiye kya puchhe aapse.
ME: Sir you can ask me anything about my work profile and Basic banking.

M4: Ok Naveen. You tell me any five Govt. schemes which are for village people only.
ME: I told one –  Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna. I said sorry sir at that time I am not able to recall more.

M4: Ok Naveen no problem.

F1: BHIM works on which platform.

F1: What is the full form.
ME: Unified Payment Interface.

F1: What are the other platform that works like UPI.
ME: I was not able to recall. Then she herself told Bharat QR Code and Bharat Bill Payment.

M1: What are the negotiable instruments.
ME: Told.

M1: What is the difference between Bill of Exchange and Promissory Notes?
ME: Bill of Exchange – Order to Pay. Promissory note – Promise to Pay. Like our Bank notes are promissory notes.

M1: Other than RBI who can issue promissory notes.
ME: Sir Govt. of India issues 1 Rs Note.

M3: Yes technically he is right and then they all started smiling.

M3: Ok Naveen you may go.
ME: Thank you mam. Thank you sirs. Have a nice day.

M3: Ok Naveen! Thank you.

“It was a very nice experience. Wish you all the Best.”

All The Best Naveen Kumar!


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