Interview Experience – Magnus Carlsen

Hello Readers,

Here we are presenting to you the Interview Experience of Magnus Carlsen, one of the bright reader of BA!! Hope you like the post!!!

Day: 23/01/2015
Venue: Trivandrum
Time: 8:30am

I reached the venue at 8:36 and a large number of Papa – Mummy were there..  and they gave me look like why he is late? :X

The guard sir asked me why are u late? Come fast and asked my panel number and told that document verification is started at sharp 8:30 (I think “bhadiya hi hai.. wait nhi krna padega jyada”).

I was taken to the room where document verification was going on.. They asked my name and told arrange the documents quickly.. you are 2nd to be interviewed.

I did that as soon as possible.. and then verification. They just want ID proof, age proof and graduation marks – sheets of all years and original certificate…Then he told come with me…. Now I start waiting outside..

Now my turn at 9:19… and  I entered with a smile 😀 :D…

1 ma’am and 4 sirs.. I wished them and they offered me seat.

Uncle1’s Questions

  • Your name is ……. Where u came from? 
  • Bybus?
  • How many members in your family? (5- 6 cross questions on this)
  • Why not you tried for defence?
  • Why banking?

Now Uncle1 told Uncle2 to take my class 😛

Uncle2’s questions

  • By which train u came from?
  • By which route
  • Your hobbies
  • U studied computer what are benefits of computer 
  • CTS (as I mentioned)
  • Did you ask something to that girl who is interviewed before you? (No sir.. she was busy with chocolate) He smiled :p
  • Why are you smiling continuously? I replied Some1 told me keeping smile will boost up ur confidence: P .. They all start laughing: D: D

Ma’am questions

  • Do you play chess professionally?
  • How you learned this?
  • Your favourite player
  • Tell me some players’ name 
  • What is impact of chess in your life?

Now she told its ok

Now, Bhaiya1 questions

  • Tell me some news happened in 2-3 days
  • (I replied only banking related news)
  • He told any current affairs?
  • What is spot fixing?
  • One Kerala player was found guilty. Who?

Bhaiya2 questions

  • Your favourite computer subject
  • Primary key
  • ACID properties
  • Views in Database
  • Networking?
  • Types of cards
  • How ATM works 

Then he told Okay 😀 😀 and I smiled (thinking yeh v thaak gya.. :P)

Then Uncle1 told you may leave … I thanked them and start moving (thinking no chocolates for me ) then one of them told wait … and told come here and offered 2 chocolates 😀

For all those who are to be interviewed, my suggestion is be yourself..

Aaal d Best 

Jumbo 😀 😛