Interview Experience of Canara Bank PO 2019 | Tushar Adarsh

Interview Venue: Ranchi (Canara Bank Circle office)
Date: 08/02/2019
Time: 11 A.M.

I arrived at the venue at 10:30 AM. Waited there for 20 minutes then we got entry. I was at 4th number among 20 candidates in my group. We were served Tea and Snacks(biscuits). Then our Documents Verification was done. Then our Biometric was done. It was GD+Interview.
So our GD started at 2 P.M. nearly. 4 members were there in the panel of GD. They told us about the Decorum of GD and we were given 3 minutes to prepare and jot down our points on a pad which they had provided.  After that time we were given 2 minutes each to tell our views on the topic (sequence was chosen randomly like the chairperson called number 2 then number 8 then number 18 and so on) I was number 4. And after all the individual views, we were given a common time of 15 minutes to discuss on the topic among ourselves. 
After the GD was over it was time for the interview round. I was 4th on number. We were taken (2 at a time) to a room which was divided into two parts- the outer room was to sit and wait and the inner room was the place where interview was going on. My turn came and I was indicated to go inside the interview room.
Panel : 5 Members
Total Members: (4 Male, 1 Female)

“May I come in Sir?”
M1: Yes Please.
ME: Good afternoon Mam and Sirs.

M1: Good afternoon, Please sit down.
ME: Thank you Sir.
M2: So Tushar (my name) tell something about your family.
ME: Sir my family consists of four members including me. My father is in FCI- Food corporation of India, my mother is a house wife and my elder brother is pursuing MBA.
M2: At what post is your father?
ME: Sir he is at AGM post.

M2: What is FCI? What was the need to establish FCI?
ME: I had prepared well about FCI as my father had told me to be ready for these type of questions. So I answered him this.
M2: Does FCI deal in Public distribution?
M2: Grains are getting rotten at many places in FCI so what are the reasons?
ME: I answered them all.
M2 said to the Mam saying “Mam you can ask”!
L1: What all do you know about Canara Bank?
ME: I had again prepared for this question so I told all about Canara Bank including that at present there is no MD and CEO of canara bank and the post is lying vacant.
M5: What was the need for nationalisation?
ME: I explained them.
M5: What is today’s headline?
ME: Mam Repo Rate has changed from 6.5 to 6.25% and thus RRP has changed to 6% and MSF and Bank rate has changed to 6.5%.
M1: What is Indradhanush scheme?
ME: I had studied but I was not able to recall. So I told – Sir I have read about the term but I am unable to recall it right now.
M1: Ok, Indradhanush is about what? Any clue 
ME: Silent for a few seconds then I replied Sorry sir unable to recall it.

M1: What is the biggest concern that the banks are facing at present?
ME: Sir NPA. Explained NPA and went on saying Sir NPA is basically divided into three categories. 
M1: Okay okay stop.
M1: So you are from Patna. Recently one person got Padma Shri award from Patna, Do you know her name?
ME: Yes sir, She is Jyoti kumar Sinha and she got the award in the field of Affordable Education. 
M1: Which sport do you like the most?
ME: Badminton 

M1: What is the length and width of the badminton court in singles and doubles?
ME: I was ready for this game too, so I replied them.
M1: Name any two international players of Badminton.
ME: Carolina Marin from Spain and Tai Tzu Ying from Taiwan.

Okay Tushar Thank you for coming. ALL THE BEST.

Take this chocolate (Many chocolates were kept there in the plate so i picked one and greeted them Thanks and left the room).

All The Best Tushar Adarsh!


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