Name: Vivekanand Panchal 

Date of Interview 26-11-2015 
Venue :Aurangabad Hotel Varsha inn 
Panel 2 
Time: 1 PM 
Medium: Marathi 
I have reached at venue around 10 A.M.After all formalities at 2.30 they called my name .I entered in room. 

Me: May, I come in sir? 
M1: Yes, please.
Me: Thank you sir,
Me: Good afternoon sir, Good afternoon Madam. 
All of them: Good afternoon
M2: Vivekanand Panchal,Do you know about Ennath Ranade? 
Me: No sir, i dont know (thoda pause lekar)..but i have listened it some where. 
M3:You have got 60% in tenth ,How much you got in intermediate? 
Me: 45.17 sir 
M1: Do you know about verghese kurien?
Me: Yes Sir,Explained
M1: White revolution meaning? 
Me: Explained
F1: Who is the Defense minister?
Me: Told
F1: Who is Rail minister? 
Me: Told

F1: Who ministry does Nirmala Sitaraman work in? 
Me: Told
F1: How many women in Maharashtra Cabinet? 
Me: Didnt know
F1: Tell me any women minister in maharastra? 
Me : Told
F1: Tell me some names who belongs from Maharashtra work in centre?
Me: Explained

M1: What is bank?
Me: Explained
M1: What is Business correspondence? 
Me: Explained
M2: Do you about 7 sister’s?
Me:  Explained
M2: Tell Some names? 
Me: Told
M3: What are you doing now a days? 
Me: Video mixing 

M3: What is excatly you do ,Explain little? 
Me: Explained
M1: What do you know about Ratnagiri?
Me: Told
M4: ¼ of 45000 
Me: 11250 
M4: ¼ of 4500 
Me: 1125 

M1: ¼ of 45 
Me: 11.25 
Atlast ok Thank you ,you can go now.
I wished all of them as well.

Interview Experience for RRB OFFICE ASSISTANT

Name: Ruchita Gupta
Disqus Name: Its My Way (A silent reader on Bankers Adda)
Date of Interview: 29-11-2015
Venue: Lucknow
Panel: 4
Time: 1 PM

I reached the venue before time, then waited for sometime sitting on the grass of garden of the venue.. After sometime, it started raining.. Then before time we were asked to sit on the chairs where they have made arrangements for our waiting.
Around 1pm they called my name for verification. They gave me a format to fill my language which I mentioned in the application form. They asked me to write few lines in those languages. Then they checked all documents and verified from original ones.

I was waiting in front of interview room, bell rang and i entered into the room. There were total 4 panelist (3 male 1 female). I wished them and they offered me seat.

M1: Briefly introduce yourself?
Me: Gave proper answer
M2: Asked about my family background and about my siblings and about my father’s business?
Me: Told     
M1: Asked what your brother do?
Me: Told
M2: Asked about my elder sister,Asked either she is doing job or not?
Me: Told
M2: Asked about the gap between graduation and interview?
Me: Told about my job
M1: Asked how you are suitable for this job then, What are your qualities?
Me: Told
M2: Asked why i m not suitable for this job(Weakness)
Me: Told (They were quite satisfied)
M3: What is a bank?
Me: Told
M3: Difference b/w commercial banks and RRBs?
Me: Told
M3: Regulator of RRBs?
Me: Told
M3: Asked briefly about NABARD?
Me: Told
M3: Asked about Jan Dhan Yojana?
Me: Explained briefly.
M3: Tell only names of some of the schemes which are recently launched by Our PM Narendra Modi?
Me: Told them names of 4-5 schemes.
F1: Chairman of WHO?
Me: Said Sorry
F1: Chairman of UNESCO?
Me: Said Sorry  
F1: Chairman of NABARD?
Me: Told
F1: Who is the Chief minister of UP?
Me: Gave answer
F1: Health Minister of UP??
Me: Said sorry.
M1 n M2 said thank you ,and wished me all d best.. and i too Thanks them.