Praveen Kushwaha
Name: Praveen Kushwaha
Time: 1 PM 
Venue:Bhopal (MP)
My Interview started on 6.20 PM
Me: May I come in?
All: Yes… Yes…Please come in.
Me: Good Evening to all of You.
All of them replied with Good Evening and Said me to put the file on table & sit down.
Interview started in Hindi.
M1 : What is your name?
ME: Praveen Kushwaha
M1: Where are you from? 
ME: Basically, I am from Bihar but at present I am working in Himachal Pradesh Grameen Bank as a Cashier.
M1: So you are already working in RRb, Where do you live in himachal ?
ME: Near Nurpur, District Kangra.
M1: By which name himachal pradesh is also known as?
ME: Dev Bhumi
M1:I also have served in himachal and i really liked that place ,Why you want to leave that place ? 
ME: Explained, They looked satisfied.
M1: So you live in Kangra ,Do you know from where the name Kangra has taken from? 
ME: Yes sir, there is a famous temple of “Maa Kangra” & this name is taken from the name of Goddess.
M1: Asked about my family and my father’s profession?
ME : Replied.
M2: How many People work in your branch?
ME : Replied.
M2: What is the total advance of your branch?
ME: Replied.
M2: What is the total deposite of your branch? 
ME: Replied.
M2: What is the total NPA of your branch?
ME: Replied.
M3: What is Currrency chest?
ME: Explained.
M4: How can a clerk would attract custmors toward their branch?
ME : Explained & they look satisfied.
M4: As you said that only 2 staff in your branch then how you mange when your manager would be on leave? 
ME: Explained
M5 :(Female): What is priority sector? 
ME : Explained
M5 (Female): What is the target for agriculture loan of your branch?
ME: Replied.
M6: What is the differnece between commercial banks and RRB?
ME: Explained.
M6: What do you do ,when you see any irregularity in any load account?
ME: Explained
M6: How to decrease NPA? 
ME: Explained
M6: Which types of crops grow in himachal ?
ME: Explained.
M1: OK MR. PRAVEEN, Thanks ,You can go now ..
ME : Thanks to all of You.
ME: Thankyou Mam.
Name: Sumeet khaire
Post:Grade A officer(SEBI)
Interview venue:BANDRA, MUMBAI HQ
Time: 8.30am
Document verification started at 9am.But my turn came around 3.10 pm.Afterlunch.

There are 3 members in panel..all are male
M1:So sumeet tell me something about your educational background?
M2:As you have mentioned you worked with some elaborate ,What was your work? 
Me: Explained
M3:So why did you left your job?
Me: Explained,Very well.
M1:As you are assitant manager IDBI bank,then why do you want to leave your present job??
Me:sir, human tendency..if we got some good option other than what we have.
All started laughing..:-)
Ohhk other reason plzz. 
Explained them in details..
M2:So what you know about stock market??
Me:only basic knowledge sir..
M3:what is difference between primary market and seconday market??.
Me:Explained..looks satisfied
M2: Difference between venture capital and mutual fund??
Me: Explained
M2: How many stock exchanges in india??
Me: Explained

M3: What is traded on stock exchanges??
Me: Equity bonds Debentures are traded
M3:What is de-mat account??
Me:Explained in detail
M4: Who maintained that account??
Me:Bank..acts as agent..
M3: Ohk,but who operate that?
Me:Sir,depositories NSDL, CDSL
M3:Good,am expecting the same from you..
M1:From where you get all this information??
Me:sir online and some what i had read in my mba also
M1:ohhk Thank you sumeet..
They are were looking satisfied.
At last very very Thanks to bankers adda .