I)Rohan Chakraborty, B.Tech Mechanical.

Interview for the post of RRB Assistant (Multipurpose)

Venue: Bangiya Grameen Vikas Bank, Mathpukur Branch, Kolkata

Time 8:30 a.m. 22nd November 2015
As I was the last candidate I was asked for document verification at 12:30 p.m. and my interview started at around 1:35 p.m.

There 6 people in the panel (5 male and a female).

First I took permission and entered the room by greeting them good afternoon.

They asked the following questions:

1) Introduce yourself.

2) Say something about your family background.

3) Why you are opt for banking sector?

4) How mechanical engineering be helpful in banking?

5) Operation of NABARD & RBI

6) What is priority sector lending (detail with % in each PSL)

7) What is lead banking?

8) What is the shareholding of RRBs?

9) What is RTGS & NEFT? Explain the procedure of transfer and their limitations.

10) What is BRICS?

11) Where is BRICS bank situated?

12) Who is the head of this bank?

13) Name the tow Indian and two Sri Lankan cricketers retired this year.

 This was all they asked me. I couldn’t answer two of the above questions. 

Otherwise the whole interview was nice.

Then I said thank you and left the room.

The whole interview was in Bengali.

Best wishes to all of you.

II)Name – Vipin SIngla 
Venue – Kapurthla (Punjab) 
Date  –     22/11/2015 
Reporting time – 1.00 pm 
Panel – II 
I reached at 12:30. Everything happened very fast. At 1:00 we were told to show interview call letter with ID proof 
and get entry. Then they called some names from every panel to come out. Thank god my name was there. Be sure 
that your name, father’s name which is in the Application form should be same as well as in your Educational 
Firstly they did biometric verification very strictly. Checking every candidate’s left thumb by scratching with their own 
Secondly document verification was done very calmly. I was the 12th out of 24 candidates in my panel for interview. I 
was taken to first floor and told to sit outside room where only one sir was there. After 5-10 min one mam came. I 
wished her good morning outside only. Then after 2-3 min my name was called. At that time only one mam and 
Three sir were there in the interview panel. I wished them good morning. My turn will come around 3.45pm. 
M1: Discribe you and  your family? 
Me : answered 
M2:  What is Indian Banking System? 
Me: answered 
M1: what is the need of RRB in india. 
Me: explained them well. They seamed satisfied. 
M3: what is Banking Ombudsman and what is Single Window in bank . 
Me: explained 
M1: What is Cross Selling. 
Me: answered but I have little bit Knowledge about it . 
M1: Tell me about your state and home city. 
Me: I comes from rajasthan, so I answered this question very well 
At Last the lady asked me only a question 
F1: what is Name of India’s First Lady prime Minister. 
Me: told 
So after 20 min my interview was over. They wishes me good luck and give a sweet (toffy) to me . Their Behavior is 
very good and supporting.  
That’s it friends. No questions from any subject.  They  asked much about banking. Interview was very 
general. I was neither nervous nor scared although it was my first interview. So just relax and enjoy this 
challenge. Please remain honest to them. I really enjoyed it.