Name : Swapnil Chopade
Date    : 17/11/2015
Time   : 8.30 am
Panel: IV
Venue :Varsha Inn, Town Center, CIDCO N5, Aurangabad
I reached the venue at 8.00 am .First thing coming in my mind is that when I reached their I was alone wearing tie, carrying suitcase type bag , newspaper in hand and pen attached to my shirt pocket.I was looking professional among others.It helped me to raise my confidence. The staff members came and sent us into awaiting room where we had to wait for few minutes and then he started calling for Biometric and document verification which was in another room. Documentation process went smoothly and they allowed me .One of the student didn’t had centre cast certificate but they allowed her .(Actually verification was not as strict as we read on online forums.Once documentation process was completed I was told to wait to near interview room.
They gave everyone one paper and told  to write a paragraph in Marathi from local Newspaper.
Interview :
There were 5 members in the interview panel. 1 Lady member.
It started with my extracurricular certificates. I have 2 national level,1 state  level medal certificates in water sports and some other event organizing certificates.
I entered the room and forgot to wished them Good Morning. (Tensed)They offered me seat.

Chairman:What are these certificates are about? What is your hobby?

Me:Told in brief. But totally baffled. (Tensed )

Chairman:Where do you do this ?

Me:I told them about my college boat club. As I told him my college name next question was
M1:You are passed out from such reputed college why banking after engineering?
Me:Explained, Briefly.
F1 :You told us banking is growing sector,can you tell us how you can say banks are growing,because banks N.P.A is growing day by day.Can you tell us the reason?  
Me:Speechless,I didnt know this, I thought I lost my interview.
F1: Do you know what is N.P.A?
Me: Told.

M2- From your college name, we don’t have any doubt about your brightness,Can you tell us how you will use your talent while working in bank?

Me- Explained(Major part was I will use my experience of college social awareness campaign to convert regional NGO’s ,SHO’s incredible customer.
(As latter all question were on this sentence)
M3: What is NGO and SHO?
Me: Explained
M3 :How NGO’s assist SHO’s?
Me :Told, that NGO’s are civil society group and are well educated they can can help SHO;s in raising financial awareness among them and also to help in financial planning as SHO’s are mostly illiterate and less educated group.(Iss  question me thoda problem huatha. I thought he asked me difference between NGO;s and SHO’s. Adha answer hone ke bad lady member ne phirasepucha.then I told above ans.So listen question carefully )

M4: What is CSR ?

Me: Told.

M4: Can you tell us the criteria for CSR ?

Me: Sorry Sir I don’t know.

M5: What is inflation ?

Me: I just told definition and they were expecting more.After a few seconds of silence then I explain them well about inflation.

M5:who controls inflation?

Me: One word RBI.
Chairman: Did you take any coaching from anywhere?
Me :Nahi sir. (I lied. I took coaching for one month and found it was useless to attend. I was in such a momentum kijhut be confidently boldiya)

Chairman: Ok. Thank you.

Me:Thank you Sirs and madam.
Finally Alloted to Vidarbh Konkan Gramin Bank.
Thanks a lot BA Team !!

NAME: Neptune Spear
Date :22/11/2015
time :1 pm
Panel 4
Venue :Varsha Inn, Town Center, CIDCO N5, Aurangabad
I reached the venue at 12:30. We all were asked to go for lunch as they said that there was some time before the process starts. After approx. 30-40 min , one
co-ordinating person came and took few names.According to those names candidates were taken for biometric and document verification.Around 3.30 PM the documentation process completed.They gave me one paper and told me to write a paragraph in Marathi from local Newspaper.
Documentation process went smoothly and they allowed  me and i was asked to sit outside the interview room with other 4-5 fellow candidates.
My turn came at around 4.30 pm and i went inside the interview room.
There were 4 members in the interview panel.
3 Male and 1 Female Senior Officials .
I entered the room, and wished everyone Good Evening. They offered me seat.
M1- Asked me for an brief introduction?
Me- Explained
M2- What is your fathers’s occupation?
Me- Explained
M2- After Having Engineering background, why do you want to be in a banking sector.?
Me- Explained about the opportunities, respectable job, professional growth, direct coustomer relation, etc.
M2- Which is the lead bank of your district?
Me- I was confused as i was not able to understand in which context he was asking. i said referring to RRB’s that Maharashtra Gramin Bank is the lead bank.
M3- From my above ans,asked me about draught,why is it caused?
Me- Scarcity of water to the farms
M3- Asked me reason for this scarcity?
Me- Less rain, Inappropriate water use, not building farm ponds,etc.
M3- Does a district is declared or certain towns and villages in a district is declared draught affected?
Me- I was not sure but i said,Specific regions or villages/towns .
And then came a destroying question.
for this question i asked the respective panel member to repeat the question 2 times.
M3- He asked me something related to draught,depending upon what condition draught is declared in a district?
Me- I said,inefficiency to produce due to lack of water.
He was not satisfied
All of them exchanged thoughts that i was not aware of the concept.
F1- Asked what is MGNREGA,and what A stands for in that?
Me- Explained
F1- For how many days  does it gaurantee work?
Me- Explained.
F1- How are the wages paid,daily or after the whole tenure?
Me- I said that i was not sure but it should be daily.
Panel said.Ok you can leave now,All The Best!!
I wished them “Thank you sirs, Thank you madam”. Have a great day with smile.