RRB Assistant 
NAME: Himanahu
TIME: 8:30

Verification started at 11:30 am
I entered the room at 12:00 approx,First I wished good morning to madam, Then all sir(four)
M1: What is your father’s name? 
ME: Answered
M1: What is your father’s occupation?
ME: Explained
M1: Which highway is passes through Indore? 
Me: Didnt know the answer.
M1: Tell us some of ATM frauds tricks?
Me: I said sorry sir.
M2: Tell us the name of Rabi crop?
Me: Explained 
M1: Tell us, Who is NRI ?
Me: I explained very smoothly
M3: What are the  sources for irrigation?
Me: Explained
M3: What is commodity exchange?
Me: Explained ,But not very well.
M3: What is micro controller?
ME: Explained ,Very well
F1: Tell us the name of which FM launch?
Me: Explained, 3 schemes
At last ,They asked about hobby.I explained very well. And i was keep smiling to one of silent observers, who is in the panel.So finally my first interview was quite good.
All the best every one.
Name :    Arunkumar Sharma
Date    :  17/11/2015
Time   :   1pm
Panel:     3
Venue :   Varsha Inn, Town Center, CIDCO N5, Aurangabad
Post:        Officer- Scale 1
Entered the room greeting Good Afternoon.
CM: You have experience in IT and you have did computer engg, So tell me what is blackbox testing?
Me: Sorry sir, I don’t remember.
Cm: You were working in IT and you don’t know even this?
Me: ( Got little tensed…bad start)
I am sorry sir, I was a developer, mostly do basic unit testing at my end rest is handled by testing team.

CM: you have put Maharashtra Gramin bank in first preference, Do you know Marathi?
Me : yes, I have studied Marathi in school level and I am domicile resident of the state.
Gave the application form to lady member.
she handed me a newspaper to read.It was about the football match since it was south American name I fumbled while reading.but somehow told the meaning of article  .
M3:What is kharif and rabi crops.Name few rabi crops,why is wheat in rabi crops,sunflower comes under which crop?
Me: Answered all except the sunflower one.

M4: what is G.S.T?
Me: Answered.
M4:What is current issue with G.S.T it now?
Me: sir its about the sharing of taxes between center and state.. and also abt petroleum products inclusion.
M4: No,I am asking about what is the issue in parliament?
Me: ohh,its not getting passed, Stuck in Rajya sabha.
M4: What is the solution?
Me: I explained solution to gst like center compensating state to cope with their losses.
M4: I am asking what is the solution to that in parliament?
Me: Took a moment,and answered sir, a joint session will help in passing of bill.
M4:Good( got my first positive sign )
M5:Tell me about yourself,why do you want to join bank,miscellaneous question on native place.…question on famous landmarks in native place?
Me: Explained, but not smoothly.
Few suggestion to fellow aspirants.
keep the Required documents Ready,self attested…and in order…
Interview is about keeping urself cool.I had a bad start but finished its okay if you don’t know answers to basic question,try to answer it,sometimes even the panel help in answering. Just don’t give false information.For me question was based on my bio data and current events and  subsequent question are asked on the answer that we gave. Check out the venue a day before. 
Result : Provisionally allocated to Maharashtra Gramin Bank.  
Atlast Thanks very much  BA for your valuable help during the preparation process.