Interview Experience: RRB Assistant

Hi I’m venkatesh 
From karnataka 
My interview almost went for 32minutes

Entered into the panel and I wished them

There were 4 members. 1 lady she asked questions on technology. 1 member from local (he has been working in same regional office) he checked the local language proficiency and 2 were from other states. One man targeted  the general knowledge. Another man asked questions from banking questions from banking

1. What’s your target in life.
Ans. I want to see myself to be placed in RBI.

2. Where technology is used in banking.
Ans. I said about ATM,M & E -COMERCE

3. Difference between debit and credit card
Ans. I said about the over draft facility. They did not seem satisfied and replied, for debit card you need to have saving or current accounts but you don’t need a bank account for credit card

4. For logging in to the account online, what do we need.
Ans. I said user name & password they are not satisfied I take 20secs time and answered  OTP (yes)

5. Fullform of OTP

6. ABOUT bihar elections and asked me regional  parties and their heads.
Ans. My answer JDU. AND RJD heads are nitish Kumar and lallu prasad yadav

7. About payment and small  bank purpose
Ans. My answer for financial inclusion  they not satisfied and replied single word REMITTANCE PURPOSE 

8. Cheque transaction we use 3 banking terms at they are

9. WHO is drawee drawer and payee
Ans. My answer cheque issued to a guy is drawee, Bank is payee  and 3rd person draweer, Some discussion started  they replied bank is drawer 3rd one benficier is payee. One minute silence I’m confused and said thankuu. Sir

10. Corporates are paying good salaries, then why you opted for banking.
Ans. My answer and then silence again. He started murmuring because here is less work?  U expect. I started my answer here. Working in banks is more comfortable to me  to spend time with family and the job Again started counters on my answer why not in corporates and I said that sir need to do job in night shifts also this is not comfortable to me 

Again asked why..?
My answer and then silence.

11. Asked me leadership qualities
My answer… communication skills, Awareness about the  problem, Motivation power And (took some time), Commandable voice

They started laughing command able voice….? 


12. Where we see u after few years
Ans. I said I want play a key role in Rbi

Need to remember
1. I was not asked even single question based on my education or family background.
2. They strictly checked the regional language proficiency. They rejected  some candidates, non local people because they are not able to read write speak regional  language.