I)Name – Vipin SIngla 
Venue – Kapurthla (Punjab) 
Date  –     22/11/2015 
Reporting time – 1.00 pm 
Panel – II 

I reached at 12:30. Everything happened very fast. At 1:00 we were told to show interview call letter with ID proof
and get entry. Then they called some names from every panel to come out. Thank god my name was there. Be sure
that your name, father’s name which is in the Application form should be same as well as in your Educational

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Firstly they did biometric verification very strictly. Checking every candidate’s left thumb by scratching with their own

Secondly document verification was done very calmly. I was the 12th out of 24 candidates in my panel for interview. I
was taken to first floor and told to sit outside room where only one sir was there. After 5-10 min one mam came. I
wished her good morning outside only. Then after 2-3 min my name was called. At that time only one mam and
Three sir were there in the interview panel. I wished them good morning. My turn will come around 3.45pm.

M1: Describe you and  your family?
Me : answered

M2:  What is Indian Banking System?
Me: answered

M1: what is the need of RRB in India.
Me: explained them well. They seamed satisfied.

M3: what is Banking Ombudsman and what is Single Window in bank .
Me: explained

M1: What is Cross Selling.
Me: answered but I have little bit Knowledge about it .

M1: Tell me about your state and home city.
Me: I comes from Rajasthan, so I answered this question very well

At Last the lady asked me only a question

F1: what is Name of India’s First Lady prime Minister.
Me: told

So after 20 Min my interview was over. They wishes me good luck and gave me a sweet (toffy) to me Their Behaviour was very good and supporting.
 That’s it friends. No questions from any subject.  They  asked much about banking. Interview was very general. I was neither nervous nor scared although it was my first interview. So just relax and enjoy this challenge.
Please remain honest to them. I really enjoyed it. 

 II) RRB Officer scale 1 

Time 8.30am Panel 1. 
Venue PNB, Vibhtuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow 

Reached around 8.15. A tent had been set up in front of the entrance to the main interview venue. Sat there. Went in for verification around 10.30. Biometric verification was done first. Then I was asked to write 3993 and my name in English and Hindi.
This was followed by document verification. Done without any hassle since all my documents were in order.
After that I was taken to the place where the interviews were going on. My turn came after 15 mins.

3M and 1F (1 male had gone out. he came back when my interview was done)

Wished them and the head of the panel asked me to take a seat.

F1: So you did your schooling from St Francis College?
Me: Yes ma’am.

F1: What did you do after school?
Me: Ma’am I have done my bachelor in arts in English and Economics (actually i have a 3 year gap because I went to do engineering but I wasn’t able to complete it. I had a feeling that she wanted me to say that but I didn’t because there is no point saying things that are not being asked)

F1: Why do You want join banking sector?
Me: Bank offers tremendous growth opportunities and it is a respectable profession in India. Also it is a secure job.

F1: Ok so you’re looking for career growth?
Me: yes ma’am.

F1: What will be your profile and what will u do while working in the bank? told

F1: let’s say that a new rrb branch is about to come up in a village. then how will u inform people about it and get customer?
Me: ma’am i would set up an ultra small branch and take the help of influential villagers like the panchayat members and others so as to tell the people that saving their money with bank is a better option rather than converting their money in gold assets and taking the help of moneylenders who charge high rate of interest. I would tell them that I’m there to help them and they can get better profit by investing their surplus money with a bank.

F1: Ok so what’s the head of the panchayat called?
Me: sarpanch. they’re very influential and people listen to them. also Sarpanch nowadays are educated and liberal and they know that the govt and banks are there to help them out.

F1: ok so now we will talk in Hindi also.
Me: sure ma’am

M1: so u did economics ?
Me: yes sir

M1: ok so tell me what is gdp. told properly
Me: tell me the gdp base year and current growth rate of gdp. i was a lil confused about the exact figure so i said “sorry sir i don’t know”

M1: ok tell me how are banks helping the country.
then they asked me to go
Before going i told the head that i had met him once before in ibps clerk interview.
I maintained eye contact throughout and i wasn’t nervous at all( previously gave IBPS clerk and SBI PO interview)
i just forgot to smile all the time. i did smile at regular intervals though.
I found it quite easy. I might be wrong but the panel looked tired also.

VENUE: PNB IIT ,gomti nagar,lucknow.
TIMINGS:8.30 am

I reached the venue at 7 am…thinking that I would be the first one to reach but there were already many candidates present there..and all of them in perfect corporate looks..amazing a sight!!!

Then they let us enter the institute at 8 am.By 9 am I was done with biometrics.They made us write our own name in both English and Hindi and also a number in words (eg.teen hazaar chaar so(3400) ) in  same languages.No paragraph ,no newspaper sort of writing.After this,documents were checked and i was nervous because i was not having my final year mark sheet but a colg certified internet copy of mark sheet. Mam who was checking my documents asked me to give my pass certificate but i never knew that pass certificate of both 10th and 12 th was required..So I have not brought them.but incidentally i found my 10 th pass certificate and presented to her..By that time I was nervous,very nervous and somehow i don’t know what happened i started crying a bit..mam comforted me saying…beta koi baat nahi pass certificate nahi hai’s not that much required.but i realised that  the outburst was because of the interview pressure and then i was relieved and feeling light and enthusiastic.

Interview venue ;- PNB IIT Lucknow , panel 7 

This was my third interview so far and best one also . they are giving
8-10 min to each student , the panel was ossum and supportive too.

Question asked in interview…..

1st question, common question fr everyone : Tell me about yourself in 1 Min ..

2 question : why v should hire you …

3 question : qualities requires in candidate as a PO

4 question : how you r different from other candidate

5 question : situational question : if a bank employee , one person
came to you to break his fixed deposit because he needed some money , what
will you do …

my ans– I said I will convince him to take loan on his Fixed deposit …

they all said perfect answer , You can go now…