NAME:           AJANYA A
PANEL:   VI    TIME:8:30 AM

Reached the venue at 7:30 and document verification started at 8:30.They gave us a white paper and asked to write any topic of 10 lines in local language which we have filled in application.The verifier officers are very friendly.
My turn came at 11:15. I entered the room and wished them individually.
There were 5 members in the panel,1 female and 4 male.They asked me to the game of interview started
M3: Oh Miss Ajanya..please sit down.
Me: Thank you sir
M3: ok tell me about ur father and ur mother?
Me: My father is an exservice man and mother is a homemaker..den
Fem: Then u travelled so many places with ur father:
Me: Yes mam..(ok good)
M2: 2015 passed out..very good and in which college u completed ur graduation?

M2: Where it is and who is the chairman of ur college?


M3: What is the importance of your village?

Me: I told them about the importance which I had studied in 7th standard.
M1: What is the bandwidth because i am an ece graduate.
Me: told (Remark good)
M1: Do you heard about VSB modulation?
Me: Sorry sir..I dont know..
M1: what is your hobbies?
Me: books reading and he asked me about books written by abdul kalam…told him
Fem:Any siblings?
Me: Yes mam, elder sister who got married and my young brother studying 8th standard
M2: What is your brother-in-law?
Me: Told
M4: Which crops are famous in ur region?
M3: If u are seated in conuter then a customer comes and asks u what i have to do for opening an account then u said to him bring that doc this doc..he doesn’t understands you..u have patience to make understand him about the documents/?
Me: Yes sir,obviously that is my duty.I have to be more patience when i sits in the counter because dat is my responsibilty..(satisfied with my answer)
M2: Atlast if u are posted in a rural area if ur father allows you to go?
Me: Yes sir..
Ok Ajanya All the best
I said thank you sir and have a nice day………..totally my interview goes on 7-10min..the panel members are very friendly….so guyzz dont be afraid and say what you know.They have checkeing our local language proficiency..thats all
RRB assistant interview experiance…
It was first int. Of my life for job . I was well prepared but at time i lost all.
Place- bhopal
(Central bank training college) Date- 24/11/15
2nd pannel time 1:00
Firstly document verification section, many fnds were not allowed due to incomplete document.
There were five person total 4 were male (M) and 1 female(F).
Me- May I come in sir
M1- yes yes come in smart boy sit please
Me- good morning sir and mam (but time was afternoon)
M1– please tell me your name and place .

Me- told name and my village.

M1-current session crops name.
Me- told
M1- how you can make “sattu” (hindi word)
Me sorry sir

f1-what is atal penson yojna

Me told
M2- what is mission indradhanush
Me told but not clear
M3 what is generic drug and branded drugs
Me-told but not exact.
M3- you have done engineering what is diff bw micro processor and micro controller
Me told
M1-college address and distance between station.
Me- told
I am not satisfy with my answers but i was confident during interview.