Interview Experience: RRB PO

Disqus Name: Jetha Lal 
Date of Interview: 16-11-2015 
Venue: Dehradun 
Panel Number 1 
Time: 1 PM

I reached the venue before time, saw no. o candidate from morning  shift still waiting for their turn. Around 2:30 they called my name for verification, but that was the lunch break so i have to wait for half an hour. Verification start at around 3 PM they gave me a format to fill my language which i had chose in the application form and in that order and i have to write few lines in that languages. Then simply check and all documents and verify from original one. 
Now I wait in front of interview room, bell rang and i entered the room, there were total 6 panelist (5 male 1 female). I wish them and they offered me seat. 
M1: Briefly introduce yourself?
Me: Gave proper answer.
M2: You chose to answer in Hindi, why?
Me: Explain in hindi.
M3: Who is the Chief minister of AP?
Me: Gave answer
M3: You have done your in ECE. Then you must know what is packet switching and its advantage?
Me: explain nicely
M3: On which language mobile phone work.
Me: Explained
M4: Name the wining party in bihar election.
Me: answer
M5: Your Weakness and strength
Me: Explain
F1: What is Communication
Me: Explain
My conclusion: Interview was quite good and got positive gesture from  panel and found convinced in all my response. Atmosphere was friendly all panelists were friendly and they always make you very comfortable throughout your interview.