Interview Experience: RRB PO

Name – Priyanka
Venue – PNB IIT Lucknow
Reporting time – 8:30 am
Panel – VI
I reached at 7:30. Everything happened very fast. At 8:30 we were told to show interview call letter with ID proof and get entry. Then they called some names from every panel to come out. Thank god my name was there.

Firstly they did biometric verification very strictly. Checking every candidate’s left thumb by scratching with their own thumbs.
Secondly document verification was done very calmly. I was the first one in my panel for interview. I was taken to first floor and told to sit outside room where only one sir was there. After 5-10 min one mam came. I wished her good morning outside only. Then after 2-3 min my name was called. At that time only one mam and one sir were there in the interview panel. I wished them good morning.
M1: How many members are there in your family?
Me : answered
M1:  Why you want to join bank?
Me: answered
M1: Why dont you want to be a teacher. They asked this as I previously worked as a teacher.
Me: explained them well. They seamed satisfied.
M1: What are the functions of banks. Tell me other than accepting money and granting loans as I am hearing this from all candidates.
Me: explained
M1: You are from noida and always lived in metropolitan city. How will you live in village. Will you take your mother along with you.
Me: answered.. he seemed satisfied
Then 3 more male members came in room and M1 asked mam to ask qustns.
F1: what is your father name.
Me: told
Talking to her I told  that I am getting married and tomorrow is my engagement. So she asked some qustns like
How many members are there in your husband’s family? How will you manage after marriage?
Then she told me mujhe Asia lagata hai your husband will corporate with you. I feel like this. I said sure mam. Then 
M1: what is your husband name? tell me very frankly will you join rrb, because candidates we select resign after some time. So this process becomes tidious for us.
Me: I gave him assurance that yes I will definitely join.
Then he asked others members to ask qustns if they wish to but they said no.
M1: thank you, you can go now
Me: thanked everyone
That’s it friends. No questions from any subject. Even they didn’t ask much about banking. Interview was very general. I was neither nervous nor scared although it was my first interview. So just relax and enjoy this challenge. Please remain honest to them. I really enjoyed it.