Interview Experience: RRB Scale I

Name – Hritik
Exam- RRB (PO)
Timing – 8:30-11:30
Hi I’m Hritik Gupta and I am from Gola gokrn nath Lakimpur (kheri)
My Interview almost went for 10 minutes.
Entered into the panel and I wished them.

There were 5 members panle consisted of 1 lady who asked questions on technology, 1 member from local bank (he has been working in same regional office) who checked the local language proficiency and 2 were from other states. One man targeted the general knowledge. Another man asked questions from banking.
All question were based on the mock Interview. I was so nervous during mock but nervousness went away during real Interview, Because all the three members of our mock panel gave me special tips for being calm at the time of interview. No Questions were new. Sanjay sir’s psychological tips made me able to understand the height upto which an interviewer can go and Anjani sir’s banking knowledge gave me a headstart in Interview session and a huge experience of Mr. R. K. Sharma made us cool and fearless about the whole Interview process.
1. How many family member in your family?
Ans. I have four family member. Mumma, papa & my younger sister.
2. Are you belong from proper Lucknow or your home town (kheri)
Ans. Sir! I belong from Lakhimpur Kheri in a small twon ‘Gola Gokaran nathi’
3. Oh then you would know about Agriculture?
Ans. Sir! Yes sir you may ask.
4. You can speak English Fluently
Ans. Sir! I can try.
5. Good! Can you tell me the name of product which can be derived form sugar can.
Ans. Sir! Sugar is super product, Alcohol and Begas is used for making paper and other product.
6. Gur you have’t not told?
Ans. Sir! Yes I have forgetten.
7. Which act are constitute for reducing NPA, SEFESAI Act?
Ans. Yes Sir Securilization and Reconstruction……… Sir I have forget full name

8. Ok what authority provide this At to a Banker?
Ans. Sir its give authority to a bank take possession on properity of barrower and Actuen its properity and other right for hand actuess.
9. What is draft
Ans. Draft is a order letters which provide the service of transfer money from one bank to another on the demand of drawer.
10. What is cross cheque?
Ans. Cross cheque is the cheque which crossed by payer and ordered it to pay only in A/C.
11. What is the difference between cross cheque and Barear Cheque.
Ans. Sir Cross cheque crossed by payer and order it to pay only in A/c and barer cheque is free for payment to holder

12. A busiman can hold a KCC.
Ans. No! sir its issued on the basic of Crop credit
Next member said Thank you Hritik Best of Luck and Have a nice day. And this is all what happened