Interview Experience: RRB

I)Hello friends, I Dharamsoth Santsham am done with my rrb scale 1 officer interview
mine was panel at 8:30

Part 1:

As we entered, we were asked to present our documents. Be careful because they see line by line in every document and for reserved candidates, caste certificate should be latest one. When my turn came, I took only first page of interview call letter. Then the scrutinizer asked where is second page, I told him I thought its not necessary then he told asked me to bring second sheet. Then I rushed to the nearest shop and presented it to him. He suggested me to never repeat same kind of mistake again. I said okay sir.
Part 2:
I was 4th in the list and the candidates who went inside before me told me that panel is good. Just do your best. The panel consist of 3 Men and 1 Lady. I wished them and I sat and now everything was for real.
1. Where are you from?
2. Tell us about your family?
3. What’s your Educational qualification?
4. You are from NIT Calicut. Why your percentage is so low?
5. In which stream you pursued your B.Tech?
6. What is difference between electrical and Electronics engineering as I am from ECE background?
7. What is communication?
8. NABARD role?
9. What is the role of RRB?
10. Briefly explain Make in India?
11. What is Repo rate?
12. NEFT vs RTGS and swift code?
13. They made me read Hindi news paper?
14. Why did you wearing plain shirt?
15. Did you learn Malayalam being from NITC??
And they said good and thank you and I told them thank you and left the room. Finally I could say the interview was very simple and panel was very supportive. I hope my experience will help you any queries comment below.
II)Interview experience-JAITHA LAL


venue-Drona hotel

Place -Dehradun


Conducting language-Hindi

Introduction-tell us something about your family?

Banking Sector-
explain rrb?(answered)

2-banking sector problems?(answered)

3-priority sector lending norms(in detail)?(answered)

Current Affairs-
explain orop?(answered)

Educational-no question was asked

Background Family-
as if I am an army brat lots of question from army.

Questions from army-who is our army chief?

(not be able to recall but told them other things about him)

Where is army head quarter located?(answered)

Tell us about gallantry awards?(answered)

Who was general carriappa?(answered)

Background Hobbies / Area of Interest- no question asked

Professional experience-question from my previous job

1-what your mother told today before leaving for the interview?
(it was the first question asked by them)

2-colour of national flag and the meaning of Ashok Chakra?
(answered about the colour but not sure about the Chakra so told them
I am not sure sir)

3-qualities that bank manager should posses?(answered)

4-and one question from the sentence that i write on language proficiency paper.

Thats it.panel was of 7 members and damn friendly.