INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: Specialist Officer-2

Name – Abhinav Pushpam 
Post- I.T. officer (Scale 1)
Venue – White House Building, Patna.
Date- 15/03/16- 8:30AM (Panel 1)

Reached venue 15 min late at 8:45 AM. Almost all seats were full. Anyhow managed to get a seat. Document verification and biometric had already started. We were offered tea. (subah subah ki cahe)..  My serial no. was 16. So, my turn for biometric came around 10:30 AM. After that document verification was done in quick time as I had arranged it properly.. (saal ka 5th interview tha.. document arrangement me expertise ho gya hun J :p  )

My turn for interview came at 11:45 AM.

I entered.

4 Male and 1 Female. Square shape arrangement. M1, F1, M2 {chairman,  facing opposite to me}, M3, M4 (Chief manager, IT)

M2- What is the meaning of your name, as the 2nd name is very unique?
Explained. Very new flower (Pushp is a Sanskrit word).

M2- What does your father do?
Said I lost him in 2007. Then, he asked cause of his death, what was he doing and some more questions related to my father.

M1- Kya pucha jaye tumse.?? Banking ya tmhare field se. banking me kuch padhe ho? 
Said Yes.

Then asked. What are monetary tools used by RBI ?
Named all 6 of the tools

M1-  Explain each tools briefly.
Explained each one properly.

M4- You have done B.E. form Indore, in IT stream. Can u explain cloud computing?
Explained him cloud in detail.

 M4- Which company provides these services. Name some?
Answered—Azure by MS. Amazon, Google+

M4- How is cloud secure? What are security features of cloud?
Explained him three layer security system used in cloud.

M4- What is deadlock in OS?
Explained. A situation when group of processes are completely blocked as a result some process acquired a subset of resources, needed by other process of its completion.. bla bla bla…

M4- What are the 4 conditions of deadlock.
Said. Mutual exclusion, hold and wait, no preemption, circular wait.

M4- What is Mutual exclusion?

M2 to M4 ab jane do.. All started laughing J

Till then M1 asked or koi interview diye ho kya?
Said Yes Sir.

M2- kaun se diye ho?
Said- BOB manipal, Idbi manipal, RRB OS1, IBPS PO.

Said ok.. isliye itne confident ho.. jao ab.. Maje karo :p

I said thank u to all and left the room.

Interview went for around 15-17 min.
Overall it was good a/c to me. Rest God knows.. 
Some students were asked about signals, FM, AM, FDM, TDM. But most questions were on OS and networking.

Hope this would help, those who are having interviews in coming days. All the best 🙂