INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: Specialist Officer-4

Date- 16 March

Place- Bhopal
Name- Gourav Ratnawat

It took 3 hours of wait to get a call for document verification. This was the whole hard part. πŸ˜‰
Without beating around the bush, let’s start the gossip of the interview room…

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There were total six devils in my hell including one witch πŸ˜› (It was my thought when I entered the room and faced them)

Let’s call them, M1 M2 M3 M4 M5 F1
After all the hello, hye.. I sat on a chair in front of them.

M3 was the most blood drinking devil in all of them…
These are the series of questions-

M3- Tell us about yourself.
Me- started with my hometown. In a very common Hindi language, I described myself.

M3- You scored very well in your each and every exam. Did you not get any placement?
As I got placed in a number of IT companies before, I honestly told them that..
Me- I got placed in TCS, WIpro, Innoeye. But didn’t join anyone of them.

M3- why?
Me- Explained some well-known benefits of a govt job. Also told the trend of doing govt job in my family. As My most of the family members are working in govt organizations.
They tried to trap me here by telling some drawbacks of a govt job too, but I cured myself very well.

F1- Explain Ring topology.
Me- Explained.

M5- List any five qualities of an IT officer you have in yourselves.
Me- Tried two. one is problem-solving and another one is doing computer science engineering πŸ˜€

M2 interrupted in between…
M2- What is DHCP?
Me- Explained very well. They were quite happy with my explanation.

M2- And data warehouse? also data mart?
Me- Again explained with an example.

M1- Difference between switch and hub?
Me- explained.

M1- How switch is able to do what it does do?
Me- told.

Again M3 came on fire πŸ˜›
M3- What is famous in Mandsaur? (I’m basically from mandsaur dist)
Me- Opium and Oranges.

M3- Why opium is used?
Me- told.

They said thank you. You may go now. I thanked them too and left my seat.
Suddenly M3 called my name and said- “Can you bring us some opium?”
I was not shocked. I knew that they are joking and it’s a kind of stress test.

Me- Sir, it’s illegal to do so. But I can bring you some oranges.

They all laughed on my such an innocent answer and told me to left the room.

Conclusion- IT questions were quite easy. Easy atmosphere. It was a total fun. No devils and witches. Very graceful people πŸ˜‰