Interview Experience Specialist Officer-6

IBPS SO – Marketing Officer
Venue: Chennai
Date: 17/03/2016
Time: 1PM
Panel – 1
Panel Members: F,M1,M2,M3,M4 (Left to Right)
Entered inside the panel @ 4.30PM
Me: Good Evening everyone
M2: Good Evening Maheswaran!! So where are you from?
Me: Erode Sir.
M2: Have you done your UG in Erode itself?
Me: Yes Sir, Its KSR College of Arts & Science, very close to Erode.
M2: And PG course?
Me: I’ve done my post-graduation from University of Madras
M2: Is it a part time course or full time?
Me: It’s a regular full time course Sir.
M2: Tell me about your Project work Mr.Maheswaran!
Me: Sir, I’ve done my final project in HR and summer project in Marketing
M2: Elaborate on your summer project
Me: My father is running a small scale textile industry, so I did my summer project in our own industry.

M2: I see, Where is it?
Me: Erode itself Sir.
M2: What exactly you did there as a part of your summer project?
Me: One point of time my father was struggling to acquire orders from clients, so we were not able to generate enough revenue. I’ve done a market survey in my locality, which clearly indicated that we were in a compulsion to upgrade the textile machineries. With the proper investments we have done 2 up gradations. (Note: Erode is famous for textile industries in Tamilnadu)
M2: What are those?
Me: The first one was a simple feature called “DrawBox”, which could help to make multi-coloured clothes. The 2 nd feature was called as “Dobby Head”, which could help to make some designed patterns along with the multi-colour.
(Everyone was confused with the terms I used to explain)
F,M1,M2,M3,M4: Stared at me…,
Me: (Suddenly pointed out M2’s shirt) this particular design is the feature of “Dobby Head” Sir.
(Everyone was very keen to observe M2’s shirt. Thank god he was wearing that shirt)
M2: Oh, this design is Dobby Head, Huh?
Me: Yes sir and by making this kind of designs we can gain up to Rs.40 per meter but before up gradation it was only Rs.10 to Rs.15 per meter. My father is happy with the profit margin and I’m also happy with my summer project.
(Everyone convinced and Smiled at me)
M2: You were working in Infosys for 2 years, How exactly you can help banking industry with your IT experience?
Me: I happened to interact with customers many times and I observed one thing common from every customers
M2: What is that?
Me: Customers prefer personalization more than the process simplification nowadays and it gives them happy business experience with us. (Gave one example which I’ve gone through while working in Infosys and female person has added some additional points)

F,M1,M2,M3,M4: All of them nodded their heads with smile except M3(This guy was just observing me and he was the senior most person in the panel)
F: What is the HR project you’ve done? Make it precise
Me: It is a garments industry in Erode. The owner has told me that he was facing more absenteeism. So I started my findings, through that I came to know workers are coming from far away; absenteeism rate was much higher in rainy season and summer season. The conclusion I derived was initiating Cab service for the workers.
(Again that smile from everyone)
M2: Very good Mr.Maheswaran and we’re done with you.
Me: Thank you Sir and thank you everyone.