Interview Experience Specialist Officer-8

IBPS SO IT officer
DATE:14 march

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I reached centre at 1 pm sharp.
completed document verification at 3pm
My interview started at 7pm
4 panelist 3M1F

Me: good evening sir good evening mam

M1: sit down shashank .tell me about urself
me: sir i was born and brought up in Malegaon.After 10th i have done my diploma in IT from Nashik then i took admission to direct second year btech in computer engineering.after i completed my mtech in computer engineering.and looking forward to work in bank.

M1: You have done then why banking ?
me: banking is bloodline of economy. bank sector actually help in transforming lives of people. many govt schemes reaches to people because of banking.

M1:but this is IT officer not PO.
me: IT plays major role in banking ,CBS. cheques truncation system etc

M1 : why not private sector?
me: sir bank work for people and i want to be part of that

M1: private companies also have csr(corporate social responsibility)
me:okay sir ..but i want to work in bank

M2: what was ur diploma project?
me: banking system designed in VB 6.0

M2: tell me about that project
me: we designed banking system which accepts and stores all customer’s account details.

M2: what did u use as a back end software ?
me: MS access

M2: ok .tell me about your Btech project
me: it was based ON MANET.when there are 5-6 comp in LAN then one node sends a packet to another node,then to detect intruder in between ,we used to 2ACK algorithm.where sender send ack after sending msg with timestamp,and if receiver doesn’t get that packet within specified threshold time,then it is assumed that packet has been altered.(m2 was technical person he understood me)

M2: okay then do u know PKI.
me: public key ….ummmm

M2: Infrastructure,what is that ?
me:  where all nodes in network have public key and only sender and receiver knows private key

M2: okay do u know how PKI is used with RTGS ?
me: sorry  sir i don’t have any idea about that

M2: what is RTGS ?
me: real time gross settlement
jime real time payment tranfer hoti hai,yeh continue process chalata rehta hai.min amount 2 lac hai

M2: RTGS kya hai pata hai ,woh work kaise karata hai ?
me: i don’t have any idea

M2: ok
lady :  do u know about Jan Dhan Yojna ?
me: yes ,it was created for rural area people who don’t have accounts and to create banking awareness

lady: (she intervened)what was conditions ?
me: zero balance account ,simple KYC form,LIC insurance  of 30k

lady : okay do u know what is BC ?
me : Banking correspondents

lady: why they are appointed ?
me: they reach to people for account opening where banking facilities are not available.

lady: (satisfied) what they do after reaching them ?
me: they fill account opening  forms for customers & take their sign or thumb impression with required documents ?

lady : is that it ? anything else ?
me : ek min
me : bio metric

lady: okay (neutral face) why u did mtech after btech ?
me: mam ,i was confused after btech,jobs where not available ,and i wanted pursue technical education,that’s why (got nervous i wasn’t ready for this question coz in PO they didn’t ask and i thought  why would they ask in SO ?)

lady : (smiled)okay thank you shashank.
m1,m2:thank you shashank ,all the best..
m3: thank you ,have a nice time
m1 tried to put that form on corner of table,i thought he was giving me so i tried to take that from him.he smiled and said no no…i said sorry sorry..and walked out of the door.

only 7 min interview…
only two question will reduce my marks ,why mtech after btech and why banking not private company…otherwise overall interview they look satisfied..but fir bhi darr lagata hai 40 se kam na de de…
hoping for the best….good luck…bye