Interview Experience Specialist Officer-10

Venue- Hotel Grand JBR, Lucknow, Date- 18th March, 2016
Ba id- Kush ( Kushagra Tandon )

My timing to report was 8.30 in morning. Verification was quite delayed due to some circumstances. Mine got verified around 11’o clock and at around 12.30 my turn came. Lets start

I entered the room 5 people were there ( 4M, 1F)
I wished them and

Rapid fire starts. No intro

Q- You did ur MBA from ICFAI Hyderabad in  2014 so u dint got a job ?
A- I got sir, But i wanted to switch in banking sector so i quit the job to prepare for IBPS after 7 months of working and bla-bla.

Q- What is CASA
A- Answered. Satisfied.

Q-  What is Product innovation
A- Answered with e.g. of IPOD. Cross questions but i conquered every questions 2M were quite satisfied.

Q- Innovate CASA and sell to me in new manner
A- I tried. but they wanted something more

Q- Porters 5 forces
A- Answered well.

Q- Marketing intelligence.
A- Answered easily. Satisfied

Q- one case based why Marketing officers are recruited today ?
A- Explained well. 2-3 Cross firing, but i survived all

Q- Questions related my past company.
A- Answered well.

Q- Asked about my parents.
A- Told.

Then they said thank you, and i reverted them with thanks and wished them good day. It was a nervous one but-


People were good. Quite hopeful about it !   🙂    🙂