INTERVIEW EXPERIENCE: Specialist Officer-5

Experience 1:
Name – Siddhant Srivastava*
Reporting Time – 1:00 PM*
Interview Time – 6:10 PM*
Panel – 3*
Venue – Noida*

 Panel Consisted of 6 Member ( 5M + 1F ) – ( M1 ( Technical ) .. M2 .. M3 (
 Lead – I Guess ) .. M4 .. M5 .. F1 )

 I entered the room … Wished everyone evening … M3 welcomed me …

 M3 : Please sit down Mr. Siddhant Srivastava  .. How are you ?
 Me – Very Fine Sir .. Looking forward for the Interview ..

 M3 : Even We are .. ( Smiling )
 M1 : So you are Gold Medalist in Engineering .. Right ??
 Me – Yes Sir

 M1 : What are you most interested in development ?? Networking ?? Or something  else ??
 Me – Sir, I am more drawn towards Development area ..

 M1 : You are a fresher .. How many languages you have worked on for web
 development or what are the languages you have used for project development?
 Me – Sir, I have made projects in Java, ASP, PHP, Python, Various other
 types of .NET and many more during my college time ..

 M1 : Have you ever made any networking project ?
 Me – No Sir

 M1 : Any DBMS projects ?
 Me – Yes, Sir

 M1 : ok, tell me !! What are the databases you have worked on ?
 Me – SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

 M1 : What is Query Optimisation ?
 Me – Sir, Query Optimisation is used to to determine most efficient way to execute a  query using different kinds of Query Plans.

 M1 : Ok Good !! I needed bit more explanation, but fine !! ( before I could explain  more he said its fine !! )
 M1 : Tell Me !! Why is not Hindi used for Programming ?

 Me – Sir, English is universally accepted language for programming …understood by    most of the world brotherhood .. If we code in Hindi .. how would a german    understand our code ?

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M1 : Ok If you are selected .. How will u implement the usage of Hindi or Improve the usage of Hindi in existing systems of Banks ??
Me – I am not able to figure it out right now sir … Sorry I don’t Know ..

M1 : What kind of securities can be implemented in bank’s system to improve its security .. What things would you want it to have ?
Me – Sir, Starting from layered security implementation .. More number of layered security .. More secure it would be .. Implementation of every level of layer having different kind of encryptions or security protocols … like MD5 encryption, keys, hashing etc. 

M1 : Ok Fine !! 
M1 : How good are you at your programming skills ?
Me – Sir, I am pretty confident about that … I have attached a copy of my certificates of OCJP etc. 

M1 : Yes, I saw that, Good !! 
M3 : Where are you from Siddhant ?
Me – Sir, I am from Bihar – Muzaffarpur

M4 : Who is the regulator of Banks ?
Me – RBI

M4 : Does it include all kinds of banks like NBFC’s etc. ??
Me – Yes Sir, 

M4 : Who is the regulator of Capital Market ?

M4 : Who is the chairman of SEBI ?
Me – Mr U.K Sinha

M4 : Does it also regulate some other market ?
Me – Commodities Market … With the Merger of FMC with it …

M4 : Do you know abt NPA’s ?? 
Me – Yes Sir .. Non-Performing assets .. These days they are in news for a drastic increase in percentage .. 

M4 : So the government is stating that economy is improving and still we can see the stats of NPA’s increasing .. Why is this happening ?? What could be the reasons ?
Me – I didn’t really got the question .. so I just said .. I don’t Know sir … 

M4 : What are your views on the politics being played in Bihar by Nitish Kumar and Lalu Prasad Yadav … Is there any development going on in Bihar really ?

Me –  Sir, To understand the politics or development progress of a particular state or area … One need to observe being present on that particular place .. If I start judging things without having facts it would be incorrect and shallow … I haven’t been to Bihar for nearly 6 years .. yes things have changed … but i dont have facts to exactly make a statement for this scenario ..  and I have been in Bihar for only 2 years of my life till now … I can only comment when I have seen the best and worst time of that place .. that would give me the parameter to compare … 

M4 : Very Good, Nice
M5 : Oh Now I get the reason why you don’t look like the one who belong to Bihar and even your accent have no influence of Bihar … ( I thought for a while what does he mean by that ? :/ ) 
Me – May be Sir, That could be a reason .. 

M5 : So what do you do these days if not doing job after engineering … ?
Me – Preparing for bank exams ..

M5 : Good .. 
M3 : Thank You Siddhant, You may go now .. 🙂 

( The first Interview I gave that of PO .. I was not feeling good about them not asking me any question … and this time they really shot questions like bullets on me .. 😛 ) 


Name- Abhishek Srivastava
Date- 17/03/16
Time- 8:30 am
Venue- Hotel Grand JBR, Lucknow
Panel- 1

I reached the venue 45 minutes ahead of the scheduled time. I waited at the entrance till 8:30 am. There was a big hall with 5 panels sitting for document verification. When I got seated in front of my panel, a ma’am came and directed us about arranging of documents and attestation of documents for verification. I already had arranged my documents and attested them at my home only. When Sir called us for verification everyone was busy attesting their documents. So I got an upper hand and did verification process first from my panel. Though my number was 13th in the list, I was called at 2nd number for interview since my verification process was already done.

There were 4 gentlemen and 1 lady member in the panel. I won’t post my experience in a question answer format since my whole interview was concentrated on one topic CBS only. Whole time only the chairman of the panel asked questions to me and Luckily I answered all without skipping a single one. First of all he asked me about my family background and education right from class 10th. Then he asked why did I leave my job? (I worked as a software engineer for one and a half year in a MNC). After that his question was,
“What is CBS and what are the resources we need to implement it ?”
 I said, “CBS stands for Core Banking Solution. The term CORE is the acronym for Centralized Online Real Time Exchange. CBS means Anytime anywhere banking where one can avail all services by going through any of the networked branch of his bank. The computer hardware and CBS Software such as Finacle and people are the resources.”

 Then he asked how CBS works ? 
I said about Client-Server architecture and explained him 3-tier client server architecture. He asked me What is Client ? What is Server ? I explained him. But he was looking for something else.

 Again he asked u have hardware and software (say Finacle) how would you implement CBS ? 
This time I got his point and said we will create a virtual private network through Internet. 

Again he asked how?
I said through getting a leased line from Internet Service Providers. He asked me to name a few ISPs. I told.

 After that one member again asked about my family background. And that’s it. They finished off my interview.

 I wished them good-day and came out. Hoping for the best. J