Interview Experience

Andhra Manipal PO Interview:
At Andhra Bank Head Office, Hyderabad.
Name: Alok

Panel Members 4 ( 3 male-1 female )

Since I am a History graduate from St.Xavier’s College,Mumbai and Post Graduate from Delhi University ,the whole interview was centered around that.

M1(Chairman): (to his fellow panel members) – So here we have a candidate with different and bright educational credentials.) (He basically repeated my educational career).
( He was stuck on that St.Xavier’s tag and asked me how come u still don’t have job inspite of being from there, I couldn’t have told him about my upsc dreams, so basically told him about scarcity of direct placement for a history graduate. He nodded his head n said OK. 🙂 )

M1: Ok, so Alok Tell me the name of first Mughal emperor.
Me : answered.

M2 : Ok tell the names of the the succeeding emperors.
Me : answered ( but missed Jahangir :/ )

M1 : You have done post graduation in history , and u don’t remember his name.
Me : Sorry sir, it slipped out of my mind.

M1 : Ok, ( Now he wanted to ask about dandi March but he himself forgot about it and was asking ma’am :p , he looked at me n I reminded him ‘dandi March sir? )
Yes !yes!
Me : Answered.

M2: Ok tell me about the founder and what do u know about andhra bank.
Me: Answered , about the founder , year of establishment, paid up capital.

M4: Ok recently subhash Chandra Bose was in news . why?
Me: declassification of his files

Cross question on what is declassification?

Me: answered , about how it is making available official papers for public access.

M4 : Ok, tell me who played more important role in India’s independence Bose or Gandhi. ( from all the cross questioning that he put up, he wanted me to talk bad about one while glorifying the other, but I did not fall for it)
Me: answered with a balanced viewpoint,  he seemed satisfied.

M3 (female) : who is satya nadella?
Me : answered Microsoft CEO.

(Cross question on which state he belongs to , got confused if its Tamil nadu or andhra Pradesh :/ didn’t want to give wrong answer so said ” sorry ma’am I am confused in Tamil nadu n andhra , she said he’s from andhra Pradesh.)

Then they made eye contact with each other nodded heads and said OK Alok you may go.

M2 wished me all the best .
I smiled and thanked him, and then all of them.

P.S : The door had automatic closing system so as I slowly made my exit, by then they had started talking , and I heard a faint sentence , he seems good :p

Name: Ruby
Qualification: cse
Interview date: 23/01/2016
Venue: pnb circle office ludhiana
Panel 1, 1:00 pm

I reached the venue at 12:15. We got entry at 12.30. My name was first in the list. Document verification took 15 minutes. Then at 1:20 interview starts.

Panel: 5 members. F1, M1, M2, M3, M4.

Me: (opened the door)May i come in
M2: yes..

Me: good afternoon, good afternoon
M3, F1: good afternoon

M2: kahan se ho
Me: told

M3: kya kiya hai
Me: mtech

M3: kaunsa year

M3: almost 2 yrs. Kya kr rhe ho ab
Me: told (teaching)

M2: wat they pay u
Me: told

M2: its gud amt, then y u r nt continuing
Me: told abt the recession/ uncertainity in engg. Colleges(M3 also Satisfied)

M3: asked abt family
Me: told(father: retired banker)

M2: havenot u tried in it company
Me: no, not interested. So never appeared for interview

M2: wats startup
Me: converting job seekers into job creaters(all very impressed wid key answer) then i explained.

M2: are u nt young? U r so talented(they observed from academic record). So y not entrepreneur
Me: haven’t thought abt it yet. All family members at govt job, so never thought of it

M2: wat if u got posted in north east, will parents allow
Me: told

M3: wat if not got ur first preference
Me: told

M4: role of asset reconstruction companies. Profit and loss to bank and company
Me: told

M2: clarified the ques. Again
Me: told the answer completely
(All convinced)

M2: do u knw abt the economy status in world
Me: lil bit

M2: where is wef gng on
Me: cant recall ryt nw

M3: wat r ur areas of interest
Me: told team activities

M3: qualities of a banker
Me: told(he kept on asking, next next)

M3: rate urself on scale 10
Me: 7(explaind d reason, of not knowing much abt banking and economics yet)

M1: tagline of psb
Me: told

F1: NI(negotiable instruments)?
Me: told

F1: promissory note
Me: told

M2: we hope u get selected
F1,M3: all d best

Me: thankew.. Thankeww so much sir.. Thankew 🙂 

It lasted for about 15-20 minutes. Overall good experience. Fingers crossed. Waiting for the main marks.
Advice: Be confident and truthful.

All The Best!!!!