It is the time to strike (IBPS PO IV announced)

Dear readers, IBPS PO IV has been announced and the time has come when you should leave everything behind and put all your focused efforts to achieve your dreams.

The old proverb ‘strike when the iron is hot’ brings to mind the image of a blacksmith plying his trade over a red-hot forge. Hot and sweaty, he knows that when it’s time to strike, he must move. Should he delay in shaping the iron when it is hot and pliable, the metal will quickly cool and harden. And the opportunity will be lost.

When the time is right, he must be ready – and then act – without hesitation.

This same premise applies in this case. IBPS PO announcement has come and only 3 months remain in the exams, when your future will be decided. Time is right, you need to move. You need to act. You need to strike boldly, swiftly, decisively. If you fail to strike while the iron is hot, there’s a good chance you’ll lose your momentum.

And lose your opportunity.

“The next three months is all you have.”

You have to believe that this exam can change your whole life. A probationary officer job in a reputed PSU bank, can give wings to your career. It can bring back your lost confidence and can fulfill you with immense lifelong sense of achievement. If you really believe in your dreams, the time has come to strike and give shape to your dreams.

You got to grab this opportunity with both hands before it gets away. Right then, right there. No waiting, no hesitating, no putting off or postponing. No dilly-dallying around; no hemming and hawing. You need to snare while it’s there.

Start your preparations now. Do it with purpose and passion. Do it with like your hair is on fire. And we assure you that you will make it. For sure!