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| Updated On December 19th, 2019 at 02:35 pm

JAIIB Paper-1: Principle and Practices of Banking (PPB) is an introduction to Indian banking and touches on almost every aspect, from the Indian financial system to contemporary issues and developments in the industry. It also covers emerging technology and expanded banking powers and markets. The topics included in this paper are: the evolution of banking; the deposit function; the lending function; fund management and bank investments; specialized products and services; electronic financial services; and a summary of RBI regulations. The Paper has 5 modules which are:-

  • PPB - Module - A - Indian Financial System
  • PPB - Module - B - Functions of Banks
  • PPB - Module - C - Banking Technology
  • PPB - Module - D - Support Services-Marketing of Banking Services/Products
  • PPB - Module - E - Ethics in Banks and Financial Institutions

JAIIB Paper-2: Accounting And Finance For Bankers (AFB) covers major aspects of both accounting and finance required to gain proficiency in the subject. The simple way of putting forward the concepts in the paper is to ensure that both the people who do not possess financial knowledge, as well as those who possess it, can easily grasp the subject.

Right from the basics of accounting techniques to the newest financial reporting standards, the paper provides step-by-step learning. This paper has been divided into four modules containing 27 chapters in all. These modules broadly cover the subjects of Business Mathematics, Principles of Bookkeeping, Special and Final accounts.

  • AFB - Module - A - Business Mathematics and Finance
  • AFB - Module - B - Principles of Bookkeeping and Accountancy
  • AFB - Module - C - Final Accounts
  • AFB - Module - D - Banking Operations

JAIIB Paper-3: Legal & Regulatory Aspects Of Banking (LRB) brings an all-inclusive view into all the laws associated with the banking and finance terminologies. After a foreword on the overview of the legal framework, it moves into the detailed exposition of all the laws governing the banking sector. The paper also looks into the legal framework of banks and the regulation, control, and organization of business in the same industry. It also mediates into the content of cooperative banking and public sector banking with their share of laws and regulations. The paper contains four modules that are broken down into multiple chapters that cover the entire purview of laws and regulations in the industry. The Paper has 4 modules which are:-

  • LRB - Module A – Regulations and Compliance
  • LRB - Module B – Legal Aspects of Banking Operations
  • LRB - Module C – Banking Related Laws
  • LRB - Module D – Commercial Laws With Reference To Banking Operations

JAIIB/DBF question