Joining Dates: PO from June & Clerk from May..!!

Hello Readers,
As we all know IBPS PO & Clerk 2014 Final Result were announced on 1st April 2015 and many of our readers cleared it with flying colours. In the next few weeks or a month’s time, the banks will start their joining formalities like medical certificate, character certificate, police verification, etc. Finally, the much awaited “Joining Dates” will be announced.

BankersAdda, like always, is at forefront in availing the information to our readers, so that you will always be “at par” as compared to other candidates. So, we got in touch with our sources and gathered a little piece of information for you all.

As per our information, joining dates for PO will start from June 2015 onwards, while joining for Clerical cadres should start a bit early i.e. May 2015 onwards. 
The joining formalities comprise of submitting following documents to the allotted banks – 
  • Character Certificate
  • Medical Certificate
  • Police Verification
  • Caste Certification
  • Other Certificates (Education, Testimonial, etc.)
Different banks follow different approach with respect to these formalities. For instance, Police verification is a slightly time consuming process and takes time. So, some banks allow joining of candidates before they receive police verification report but some other banks give joining only after they have completed police verification part. Indian Overseas Bank generally gives joining before police verification, and Bank of India gives joining only after police verification.

We had contacted our sources in banks where we have been informed that the Joining are expected towards end of June or in July. For instances, the joining dates of Indian Overseas Bank is expected to be in July or it can even be in August, 2015. However, Bank of India is very particular about its Joining Formalities, hence we can expect the Joining Dates for the same in July, 2015. (as per HR Official). Further one of the official also quoted that till the Balance Sheet is not finalised these joining can not be offered or promotion cannot be finalised.

One must always keep on checking the “Careers” page of the allotted bank to keep updated about the ongoing process. Also, we recommend you to check last year joining procedure of the allotted bank, in order to get an idea about the joining formalities. All the post, along with the bank name can be found on BankersAdda through the “Search Box”.
Also, keep the documents handy i.e. all those who still need to collect their mark sheet, degree, etc., please visit your respective colleges and collect the same. We will provide you all the format of Character Certificate. Please take the same and get it attested by gazetted officer, your school, colleges, etc.
Disclaimer: Joining Dates may change subject to the concerned bank. Please keep visiting the official website of the allotted bank for further developments.