Last Minute Tips for IBPS SO (IT-Officers) Exam 2016-17

Dear Readers,

As you all know that IBPS SO (IT-Officers) Exam is scheduled on 28th January and we wish all the very best to all the students who are going to appear for the same. Students, who have missed the SBI SO exam, have a golden opportunity to get the elusive and coveted Govt. Job.  Well, I am sure you are all well aware of the syllabus and format of the IBPS SO (IT-Officers) Exam. 

This article is related to the last minute tips which will help you ease things out. Within 24 hours, the fate of many candidates will get locked down. Many will be happy and many will be complaining. Many will be laughing and many will be crying. So friends, don’t let this last moment pressure or fear or tension hamper your confidence.

Some Exam Tips: 
1.Take a print out of your admit card and original photo identity proof, 1 photo and photocopy of the ID proof. Girls make sure you do not have Mehandi on your hand. Please be on time as the organisers are very strict when it comes to the timings, at least half an hour earlier before the mentioned time.

2. Follow your Strategy that you have prepared for yourself: Stick to your plan firmly because you have designed your studies in this way so don’t ditch it at the very last moment. All of you have prepared well, Now is the time when you executed and performed in the best possible way in the exam hall. 

3. Know Your Strong and Weak areas in respective subjects. First attempt questions from your strong zones because you have practised and prepared well and Now you are sure of it so you can score well and with accuracy. When you are done with all the familiar questions then march into the unknown territory and try your best, use all your understanding and logical ability to get the correct answers. When You start with your strong topics, You become more comfortable and confident and trust us this is all you need, The CONFIDENCE. 

4. Time management plays a very important role in your exam and a deciding factor in your overall selection. Use that 120 min. wisely and efficiently. Always keep a track of your time and no. of questions attempted. 

5. Speed and Accuracy-Keep these two words in mind. For any Competitive exam, Speed and Accuracy plays a very important role. You’ve to maintain both if any of it is not followed you might be caught in blunder. You can’t afford to do a blunder of such magnitude. If you feel that a particular question is taking more time than required, better leave it and move to the next question.
Remember you are not meant to do all the questions given in the exam, rather you are supposed to do a maximum number of questions in the shortest time possible and that too with 100 % accuracy.

6. Don’t leave any question UNREAD. Always give initial 5-10 seconds to read the questions and then decide whether you want to attempt it or not, make wise and informed decisions, don’t approach any question blindly, it might cost you heavily.   Most of you make this mistake just because of poor time management. It becomes very cumbersome to come out of this situation and at last, you miss easy questions.You don’t even read them and trust us they can be solved while reading. So try your best at least to read each and every question properly.

7. Be careful about negative marking: In IBPS SO (IT-Officers) Exam, there will be negative marks for wrong answers (equivalent to 1/4 of the marks allotted to that questions). There is no negative marking for un-attempted questions. So, if you are not sure about a question, it is better to leave that question rather than attempting it wrong.

8.Do carry pen, pencil etc. Remember Guys, It is the hard work Combined with smart work will fetch you the desired result. 
Don’t Overstress Yourself and Take Proper Rest Before the Exam.