Last Minute Tips for SBI Clerk 2014 – Analogy with Football World Cup

Hello Readers,
As we all know, SBI Clerk 2014 exam is starting from tomorrow and the time has come when you will face the exam for which you have worked hard day and night for last so many months. So, here we are presenting to you few last minute tips to remember but in a quirky way. Hope you like it!!

There are
many things in our surroundings and day to day life that we can implement to
get out as a victor in any of the exams of life and banking exams are only a
part of it. Recently concluded World Cup teaches us many things in the same
context which we can implement and come out with flying colours.


There were
some star studded line ups in the World Cup such as England, Spain and Portugal
etc , they started as favourites and ended on the flight back home too early
then they expected. On the other hand there were teams such as Colombia, Chile
and Mexico who started as not even underdogs and these out of contention teams
sprung such a huge surprise and wrote a chapter in history.

So. we all should
start as underdogs – no flamboyance, no before result promises. Just work hard and
in right direction results will follow. The burden of expectations can make you
weak from inside so don’t expect just deliver.


In the match
between Uruguay and Italy, Italians man marked the Uruguanian strikers and
frustrated them in the whole match and eventually Luis Suarez, an experienced
and one of the best strikers did that horrible mistake of biting the Italian
defender Chellini.

So there will be instances in the exams when the things will
not go your way, questions after questions will go un-answered but do not panic
if you have prepared hard and have faith in your abilities. Hang on and calmly
answer the questions you are confident in. Remember the question paper is tough
not only for you but also for everybody else.


Ronaldo, a heartthrob in the football world was one of the favourites to score
heavily and to win the coveted golden boot at the end but he failed miserably
not because he was bad in the game. Actually arguably he is one of the best but
his team let him down and was not able to make a productive move for him on the

Similarly there can be instances where you will find that your favourite
subject is not delivering dividends for you remember as football is a team game
exam is also a game of all subjects together try and be proficient in all the
subjects, A professional in all is better than Grandmaster in one, and
certainly most result oriented too.


Football world cup comes once in 4 years time and when you
go in such a grand event with over depending on a particular player to deliver
for his team is nothing short of a sin, you can cite a case of Neymar Jr. of Brazil. After a breath taking run till the quarter finals Neymar injured his back and
was out of the tournament leaving Brazil in dire straits from where Brazil
could never recover and were handed a 7-1 rout in Semis and a 3-0 bashing in
third place play offs.

So you can never go in an exam for which you burned your
midnight oil for an year depending on a certain strategies, you can never guarantee
situations and should always prepare a plan B for an adverse situation. As happened
in IBPS PO 3 exam the level and pattern of paper was completely changed and
left many eligible aspirints off guard and they never recovered from that , So
keep a backup plan n sabotage this IBPS entrance easily.


In a match
against Iran, Argentina was feeling helpless against the resilience shown by
the Iranian team, they were giving nothing away and were a step closer for a
famous and well earned draw, but there was a man named Lionel Messi on the
field who knew what he can do and waited for his opportunity as late as the last
whistle, he ran in leaving defenders in their wake, cutting through as smoothly
as a knife across the cake, precisely made his ground and accurately netted a
curling onside the back of the net of a till then tremendous Iranian goalkeeper.

So, in exam you should keep faith on yourself and should know what you can do ,
their will be instances when people will bog you down or mark you over but you
should know what you are capable off. Their was left nothing to prove for Messi
even if he has not scored that brace but he knew his target he knew his
responsibilities and boy! How well he delivered, hasn’t he ?


This is a
well known fact that expectations always hurt, as it was with English people
expecting a miracle from Rooney or Portuguese expecting some out of the box
tricks from Ronaldo but these stalwarts failed their countrymen big time.

exam also, don’t set benchmarks of so and so attempts in respective sections, do
every question on its merit and try to be as accurate as possible , wild flukes
will not earn you anything.


You may be the best in the world as was Messis or Ronaldos
or Neymars or Xavi but above all their is someone up in the skies who is
watching your every proceeding and will repay your karma with interest on an
appropriate time, Germans were third in 2006 world cup in Germany, third again
in 2010 world cup in South Africa but they toiled hard and were more powerful
with each so near failures. At the end God smiled it’s blessings on a  near decade hard work, so you can also be on
the top of the world with an honest and a perfect hard work..

All the very best everybody!! Make us proud!!