LIC AAO: English Quiz

Dear Readers,

We are providing you this English Quiz keeping in mind the upcoming LIC AAO Exam pattern and syllabus. LIC AAO Exam is not going to be easy one so practice these Quizzes on daily b

1.There will be no scrutiny (A)/ or enquiry of money declared, neither (B)/ under the Income-Tax Act or the Wealth Tax Act (C)/ and the declarants will have immunity (D)/ from prosecution(E).
2.The government have (A)/ decided to open a one-time (B)/,four-month compliance window (C)/ for domestic black (D)/ money- holders(E).

3.The victim was persuaded (A)/ to recall back what had (B)/ happened with her but (C)/ she was unable to recollect anything (D)/ No error(E).

4.The process to be adopted by the government (A)/ for these activities has to be defined (B) /because the government is responsible for (C)/ any objects put up in space and for (D)/ what happens to it in orbit or because of it(E).

5.The carbonic acid (A) /thus produced leads to (B) /ocean acidification by decreasing the pH of the ocean (C)/, reducing the concentration of (D)/ the carbonate ion(E).

6.Should have been nice (A)/ if we could have (B)/ played this game before (C)/ the Australia one, would have (D)/ had a better idea of the conditions(E).

7.The Constitution granted (A)/ the right to citizens (B)/ to join such bodies to (C) / pursue their interest in (D)sports, religion, culture and art etc(E).

8.We swap up to the drowning man,(A)/ caught hold of his clothes,(B)/ before he could go down (C) / again and pulled him, (D) / out safe to the shore(E).

9.The scheme which (A)/ will be launched during (B)/ the next two years  (C)/ require an additional investment (D)/ of one hundred crores(E).

10. Household spends will support (A)/ real domestic growth of 2 percent or perhaps (B)/ more, because real earnings are rising at 2 percent(C),/ house prices are increasing (D)/ even faster in real terms and employment prospects are good(E).