Last minute Tips for LIC AAO along With Exam Analysis( Video Format)

LIC AAO Exam is going to be conducted on this weekend (Sat/Sun) and the next weekend and Lacs of aspirants will be competing for 750 post in India’s Largest Insurance Company.

The exam will be of 2 Hr duration and structure of the exam will be as follows –

Number of Questions
Time Allotment
Reasoning Ability
35-40 mins
Numerical Ability
45-50 mins
General Knowledge, Current Affairs
8-10 mins
Computer Knowledge
English Language with Special emphasis on Grammar, Vocabulary and Comprehension
12-15 mins
120 mins

It should be kept in mind that there will be negative marking in this exam – i.e. while each correct answer will fetch you 1 mark, 1/4 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer, plus the 1 mark you lose because you have got the question wrong, so in all for every wrong answer you lose out on 1.25 marks. Also, LIC 5th section in above scheme (English Language) will be of qualifying nature and its marks will not be counted in the overall score/ranking of the candidate. Nevertheless that does not reduce the importance of the subject as in the end you do have to clear the cutoff to clear the exam.

I) Now for subject wise strategy:

1) Starting with English:

English might be qualifying in nature but you all know what it is capable of. So the strategy to attempt English should be to attempt only questions you are confident in. No need to score good in this. Just try to attempt safe. The cutoff in 2014 was around 10, it might go upto 12-14 this time or stay the same you cannot be sure. Try attempting 20-22 questions, but with accuracy, no need to do more.

The topics would be as follows:

Reading Comprehension: Most of you are confused whether to attempt the RC or not. Well RC can actually be your saving glory in the exams, as it does not require any grammar rules or guess work, all you need to do is to look for the answers. But attempt the RC in the end of the allotted time for English. Now 1 rc is expected in the exams, well you obviously cannot immediately read long passages due to lack of time.
So what do you do?
  • Do the vocabulary questions first.
  • For other questions, read one question and then search for the answer quickly, looking for similar words in the paragraphs. But make sure you do it really quickly. Once you get the needed lines of the answer in the RC, then compare it with the options given in the question.
  • If you are unable to locate an answer then move to the next question, but do not get stuck on any question!! Using this method you will be able to attempt the RC in a short span of time and it will help you score well too
  • This method seems odd, but works beautifully in the exams. You still have time before the exams, try it at home as an experiment to see if it works for you.
  • Also stay away from questions like what is the authors view in this passage, or what is the author trying to say, as these questions are usually quite controversial.
  • So basically these exams require you to be really smart . And smartness comes from practice. 
Cloze Test: You can even attempt cloze tests. If at all you do get confused by the options, start by eliminating the the options that don’t seem to fit in the question. This strategy also helps sometimes in reaching the correct answer. But remember no rule applies to all. So again you need to be smart.

Error Detection
Fill In The Blanks/Sentence Improvement

For the above two, avoid them if you are weak in English, do not involve yourself in guess work. That will only lead to negative marking.

Para Jumbles: Avoid this question, do it only if you are 100% certain. But do not leave it entirely, you can always attempt questions like the 1st and the last statement. As certain words help in figuring out the 1st and the last sentences of the parajumble.


1) Remember this exam is not just a test of your knowledge but also a test of your managerial skills, i.e. how well you manage your time and use your presence of mind during the exams.

2 )Since time is short therefore do not get attached to any question at any moment in the 2 hour duration, look for questions that click at one go, and come back to the left questions if you are left with time at the end of the section.

3) At least 2 DI’s are asked in the exam so try attempting at least 1 of them correctly so as to gain 5 marks directly.

4) Try to score 45-50 to be on a safe side.

Strategy That One Can Follow

Step I – GO for Simplification followed by Approximation first ( 4-5 can be done easily)

Step II – Go for Data Interpretation
This part is really very important from a student’s point of view. For attempting DI, a student must be well versed with Average, Percentage, Ratio-Proportion and Calculating speed. This is what you need to solve DI. Di can be trump card for many.

Step III – If time permits, go for Series or Probability or Miscellaneous
Series and Probability are one of the part of this section which can be done in less time and believe me friends, the time is the real deal in the exam. To surpass others in the exam, you should know what to leave and what to attempt. 

The above strategy can be followed and if you feel like doing something different, then go with that. Strategy depends from person to person.
Last but not the least, do not waste any time on one single question. 


•  Do not attempt puzzles or seating arrangements first, do them after you have attempted all the other questions of the section and if you are still left with time. The reason why we say this is that off late the level of these questions based on puzzles has gradually increased and require more time to solve them. So spending 10-12 mins for 5 marks doesn’t make sense in the exam , rather go for less time consuming questions.
•  While solving the questions, skip all the time consuming questions and attempt only those which easily click. Any question that takes more than a minute to solve is meant to be left.
•  Use the allotted 35-40 minutes judicially such that the difference between the number of attempts and the number of questions done accurately is very low.

•  Note: The aim is to attempt a minimum of 57-60 marks at least in this section.

For GK and Computers avoid guess work at all cost, do only those questions that is backed with surity and confidence. Some degree of guess work is permitted.
LIC AAO Exam Strategy:
II. Go with a Plan: Candidates should go with proper plan – as in which section to attempt first and which section to attempt last and how much time should one devote on each section. It is very important that candidate stick to their plan (time wise) i.e. if you had decided that you will give 40 minutes to Reasoning section, you should stick to it. Reason for the same is – sometimes a particular section may be very difficult, and while attempting the same you may get carried away by devoting more time on that, it will mean that you will compromise on some other section by giving it a lesser time. You need to remember that there is a sectional cut-off in the exam and if a particular section is tough, it will be tough for everyone and hence cut-off for that section will be low.

III. Sectional Cut-off: Please note that this exam will have sectional cut-offs, as decided by the LIC. So, you have to ensure that you get atleast qualifying marks in each section. To be on safer side you should try to get atleast 50% marks in each section.

IV. Attempt Paper in 2 Rounds: You should attempt each section in 2 rounds. While attempting each section – first do the questions, for which you are sure and which can be done in less than a minute. Leave tougher questions for the second round. This way will be not miss any easy question in the paper and will be able to optimize the score.

V. Start with Easier Section: Suppose, you are more comfortable in a particular section, attempt is first. It will give you the confidence and set the pace for the exam. Attempt most difficult part in the end.

VI. Do not get stuck on a Question: Never get touchy about any question and hence do not waste time if you are not able to crack it within 1-2 mins. We have seen, many candidates get stuck with questions like seating arrangement/puzzles in reasoning part and precious time on these. Never do that. If you feel that you might get stuck, leave it for second round.

VII.Never give up during exam: Competitions like this are the tests of your nerves. You should go with a positive frame of mind to the exam hall and maintain the same throughout the exam. Many times, when candidates get stuck or find a particular section difficult, they give up. Never ever give up. Paper is not going to be easy for anyone and winner will be one who will hold the nerves till the end.

VIII. Take proper sleep: Candidates should take a proper sleep before the exam day and should have light breakfast before the exam.

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