Directions (Q. 1-5): Study the following graph and the table and answer the question given below.

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1. What would be the cost of laying a carpet on a floor which has its length and breadth in the respective ratio 33:21 and where its perimeter is 216 feet, if the cost per square foot of laying the carpet is Rs 3?

(a) Rs 8200
(b) Rs 8252
(c) Rs 8316
(d) Rs 8420
(e) None of these
2. A man driving his scooter at 24 kmph reaches his home 5 minutes late. Had he driven 25% faster on an average he would have reached 4 minutes earlier than the scheduled time. How far is his home?
(a) 24 km
(b) 72 km
(c) 18 km
(d) 12 km
(e) Data Insufficient
3. In an aerobics class, 120 students are male and 100 students are female. 25% of the male students and 20% of the female students are from commerce stream. 20% of the male commerce students and 25% of the female commerce students passed the final exam. What percent of commerce students passed the exam?
(a) 5%
(b) 10%
(c) 16%
(d) 22%
(e) 28%
4. The sum of the ages of 5 members of a family 5 years ago was 94 years. Today, when the daughter has been married off and replaced by a daughter-in-law, the sum of their ages is 92. Assuming that there has been no other change in the family structure and all the people are alive, what is the difference in the age of the daughter and the daughter-in law?
(a) 22 years
(b) 11 years
(c) 27 years
(d) 19 years
(e) 15 years
5. 8 women and 4 children together can complete a piece of work in 6 days. The work done by a woman in one day is double the work done by a child in one day. If 8 women and 4 children started working and after 2 days, 4 women left and 4 new children joined, in how many more days will the work be completed?
(a) 5 days
(b) 8 days
(c) 4 days
(d) 7 days
(e) 9 days
6. A trader bought two cycles for Rs 1900. He sold one of them at a profit of 10% and the other at a profit of 51.25%. He found that the selling price of both the cycles are equal. What are the cost prices of those two cycles, respectively?
(a) Rs 1200, Rs 700 
(b) Rs 1100, Rs 800
(c) Rs 1000, Rs 900
(d) Rs 1050, Rs 850
(e) None of these
7. In how many different ways can the letters of the word “COLLECTION” be arranged?
(a) 453600
(b) 113400
(c) 56700
(d) 5040
(e) 1260
8. x and y are real numbers satisfying the condition 2 < x < 3 and –8 < y < –7. Which of the following expressions will have the least value ?
(a) (x^2)(y)
(b) (x)(y)
(c) 5(x)(y)
(d) (x^2 – y)
(e) (x – y)
9. A gardener has 1200 flowers. He wants to plant them in such a way that the number of rows and the number of rows and the number of columns remains the same. What is the minimum number of flowers that he needs more for this purpose?
(a) 15
(b) 25
(c) 35 
(d) 45
(e) 50
10. A, B and C enter into a Partnership and their shares are in proportion of 3:2:1. A withdraws half his capital at the end of 4 months and after 8 months more the profit of Rs 1800 is divided. What is A’s share?
(a) Rs 570
(b) Rs 660
(c) Rs 720
(d) Rs 700
(e) Rs 600