LIC AAO interview 28 april 2016 
Centre – LUCKNOW
graduation degree : BSc in Animation
3 male interviewers

Following were the questions that the panellist asked me..

1. What does your Father do?
2. What is MSU? 
3. What is the name of your college?
4. What is arena animation?
5. Your biggest Achievement?
6. They went on to discuss animation for around 10 minutes, trying to know all they could about it like what exactly it is?
  • What can I do with it?
  • What was my office life where i worked before in this field?
  • How it can be useful in Syndicate bank( Where I am working right now)

7. WHat are your hobbies?
I told them that i loved listening to music, nothinng specific, but to destress.
8. Explain the idiom ‘ A friend in need is a friend indeed”
9. What is mobile portability? Is there a fees for it?
10. What is life imprisonment? Is it right? Your views on it..
11. Then they asked something related to civil law, which I was not able to answer.
12. What was that moment in life when you felt most discouraged?
13. Any questions for us?

The interview went on for 25-30 mins, more or less it was a very basic and general interview.

TIPS : do not go ..yaha waha for review…relax..  keep calm..  and be confident.. jo tumhe knowledge hai…that is really enough to answer what they are asking… Belive in yourself… tum kar sakte ho…aur tumhe karna hi hai…:).:) (y)

PS : not saying anyone to follow.. 😛