LIC Interview Experience 1

Hello friends my name is KAPIL PANDEY and I am from BAREILLY ,UP, LUCKNOW 
My interview was on the 28/04/16 at 10A.M

There were 3 sirs and my number was last i.e. 12/12.

Firstly the asked me about me and  my siblings and then my parents and then it so underwent.

1. Your father works in ?
Ans: police

2. Why dint u go for
Ans: I told that neither was financial condition was good enough nor i had interest although many of my friends and relatives advised me the same.

3. You got 80+ % in 10th and 12th and only 57% in bsc ?u should h given priority to bsc ?
Ans: I told that i was more inclined towards competition and it overtook  my academic interest .

4. Had there been a 60% criteria then ?
Ans: I told that yes I was my mistake that I dint perform well in my bsc exams and also said that i cannot fill exams like rbi grade b.

5. Hobby ?
Ans: Writing blogs and cricket 

6. Do you write blogs for newspapers ?
Ans: I said no, just for my personal satisfaction.

7. Why dint u try to become cricketer ?
Ans: I said that even i wanted to become a cricketer but the pressure to study and score good marks suppressed everything else. i also said that there is always a difference between theoritical and practical approach.

8. You had Ncc b and c certificate then you dint try for army ?
Ans: I tried twice sir but was out in ssb in nda and then after that i crossed the upper age limit and couldnot fill the form. 

9. Why did u leave pnb ?
Ans: I was a swo-a there for three months and wanted to prepare for other exams. But due to lack of time i felt that my life is about to come to a point of saturation and i decided to resign.’

10. Why did u join pnb?
Ans: I thought that i will be able to study with my job’

11. You are also selected as rrb po and idbi po, Will u leave them to join LIC ?
Ans: Yes sir , i will join LIC.

12. Have you heard the name of staff selection commission?
Ans: Yes sir,i am in delhi and have been preparing for the same ‘

13. Did you try ssc last yr ?
Ans: sir, I qualified pre but could not clear mains.

14. so what have you done since last year for the same ?
Ans: I went to Delhi to prepare with more dedication’

15. So will you be trying for civil ?
Ans: Yes sir, I will be trying for civil’

16. If you are selected for lic aao post, will u still be going for civil ?
Ans:  yes sir, be it banking sector, insurance sector and civil services , we all are contributing  to our nation in one way or the other.’

17. You looked unclear about your targets like in graduation and then in pnb.
Ans: Well I was speechless’

18. What is ur satisfaction level ? what do u want to become.?
Ans: sir, the satisfaction level of each individual varies but i thing think it should be high.

19. How will ncc be benificial to ur life?
Ans: sir, we were tought discipline, unity ,punctuality and many other things
 Which will be beneficial in every aspect of life’.

20.  Tell about three freedom fighters ?
Ans: ‘mahatma gandhi, subhash chandra bose, pt. jawarlal nehru’

21. How did subhash chandra bose die ?
Ans: It is still a mystery sir but he is said to have died in a plane crash’

22. what is the role of income tax department ?

23. What is black money ?

24. what do u think about the amount of money being spent on defense in India ?
Ans: Sir, it is the defence on which the strength of a nation counts, so like every country India also spends heavily on defence.’

25.What is the role of cbi ?

26. What is ur responsibility towards ur family ?

27. What is Nabard ? Difference between Rbi and Nabard ?

28. Any query ?
no sir.’

You may go now.

thank you sirs.

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