Logical Reasoning Quiz For SBI – PO

Directions(1-5): Each of the questions below consists
of two statements labeled I and II. These statements may be effects of
independent causes or of a common cause. One of these statements may be the
effect of the other statement. Read both the statements and decide which of the
following answer choices correctly depicts the relationship between these two statements:
(1) If statement I is the cause and the
statement II is its effect.
(2) If statement II is the cause and the
statement I is its effect.
(3) If both the statements I and II are
independent causes.
(4) If both the statements I and II are
effects of independent causes.
(5) If both the statements I and II are
effects of some common cause.

(I) The bank has provided a link on its website to obtain
feedback from customers.
     (II) Customers have been complaining
about poor services in the bank’s branches.
(I) The production of pulses has dropped for the third
consecutive year.
     (II) India has decided to import pulses
this year.
(I) Budgetary allocation for building a better railway
network, eg constructing new railway lines, has increased.
     (II) There has been a substantial drop
in the number of passengers opting for air travel.
(I) Indian citizens are willing to incur the cost of using
environment-friendly technology.
     (II) Many countries are taking steps to
cut their carbon emissions.
(I) The government has amended tax laws to boost exports.
     (II)The export sector has been passing
through difficult times due to heavy tax burdens
6.     To improve the employment situation in
India, there is a need to recast the present educational system towards
implementation of scientific discoveries in daily life.
of the following are implicit in the above statement?
      (1) The students after completing such
education may be able to earn their livelihood.
      (2) This may bring meaning of education
in the minds of the youth.
      (3) The state may earn more revenue as more and more people
will engage themselves in self employment.
      (4) Both I and II are implicit
      (5) All are implicit
7.     A major river in the city was reduced
to a polluted and dirty canal after tones of sewage made way into it over the
years. Which of the following actions should be taken to control this
      (1) All those who dumped garbage and
sewage into the river should be penalized.
      (2) The government should modify the
sewage system and find an alternate way to dump city’s waste.
      (3) A plan should be made to clean the
      (4) People of the city should use
boiled water for drinking purpose.
      (5) Both (2) and (3)
8.     Based on the findings of a recent
study, it has been reported that regular consumption of ripe mango helps in
controlling blood pressure as it increases the level of potassium in the blood
of the following contradicts the findings reported in the
above statement?
      (1) Increased level of potassium in
blood stream enhances quality of health
      (2) Many people who consume ripe
mangoes regularly, were found to be suffering from hypertension
      (3) Consumption of ripe mango helps in
storing anti-oxidant in the body
      (4) Ripe mango is a good source of many
      (5) None of these
9.      Most part of the boundary walls of the
local school collapsed completely last night.
of the following can be a possible consequence of the facts
stated in the above statement?
      (1) The local school authority will close down the school
till the boundary walls are erected.
      (2) The govt. will levy penalty to the
school management for their negligence.
      (3) The management of the school will
erect temporary fences till the boundary walls are erected.
      (4) Both 1 and 3
      (5) 2 and 3
10.  The prices of food grains and other
essential commodities have decreased for the second consecutive week. Which of
the following can be a possible consequence of the facts stated in the
above statement?
      I. The consumer price index will come down considerably.
      II. People will increase their purchase
of quantity of essential commodities and food-grains.
      III. Govt. will increase its taxes on
essential commodities and food-grains.
Only I and
(2) Only II and III
Only I and III  
All I, II and III
None of these
The surge in complaints has let the banks to receive them in an electronic
The shortage in production has led to the import decision
Both are the effect of a common cause. The Railway has gone in a reviving mode.
Both are the effects of gearing up on the environmental front.
The burden is sought to e reduced by the amended tax laws.
the statement talks about the relation between education system and
emplobility, so only statement I is implicit.
statement II talks about hypertension even after consuming ripe mangoes, so it
contradicts the given statement.

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