Name- Preeti (MBA)
Bank of india ,Noida 62 
Interview time-15 mins

6 members were in a  panel. There were 5 panel in total. Mine was panel number 4.
26 candidates were there in total in my panel.
I was number 16 in my panel.
First they took biometric then one by one documentation.
My documentation was done at around 12:30
And interview started at around 1:30  .
Questions asked were generally basic but two question was situation based .

1-Started with tell me something about yourself. 

2nd was regarding my gap as i have passed MBA in 2011 .

3rd was about my work experience.

4 my hobbies .

5 comparison between delhi n bangalore . As  i have done mba from bangalore so.
6 th was what do you mean by Brand ?

7 th difference between sales n marketing.

8 th is sales is the end process of marketing n many more questions on the same . Like y marketing z important , end process of marketing .

9 th being a marketing officer how will u do after sales service in bank.
If customer is already satisfied .

Give an example they asked.

10 th was about product life cycle … what is most important thing in PLC ? And why dat is important ?
Some basic question on father occupation.
Only 4 member have asked questions .
Two were sitting silent n observing me closely .
5 male n one female in panel
They all were very coperative 
Specially sir who was doing document verification.

And 1 more important thing Folks who have done MBA , many candidates were asking over there that there is nothing mentioned as specialisation on there degree. So no need to worry but at the time of joining you will have to submit your specialisation on college letter head.

All the best to all having interview!!!