Marketing :Quiz

Q 1.Which among the following is oldest variable of market segmentation? 
A. Geography
B. Demography
C. Psychography
D. General Lifestyle
E. Sociomapping

Q 2.Which among the following helps a marketer to help the product occupy a distinct and valued place in the target customer’s mind? 
A. Pricing
B. Promotion
C. Positioning
D. Advertisement
E. Display

Q 3.”Terms & Conditions” is a sub element of which of the 4Ps of marketing?
A. Product
B. Price
C. Place
D. Promotion
E. None of them

Q 4.Which among the following provides “core benefits” ? 
A. Generic product
B. Expected product
C. Augmented product
D. Potential Product
E. Branded product

Q 5.Which among the following is not a quality of Banking Service? 
A. Intangible
B. perishable
C. inseparable
D. customizable

Q 6.In marketing reduction in the sales volume, sales revenue, or market share of one product as a result of the introduction of a new product by the same producer is called as? 
A. Decoy effect
B. Co-marketing
C. Cannibalization
D. Cross merchandising
E.Complex sales

Q 7.The Unilever’s products Rin Bar, Wheel Bar, Rin Powder, Wheel Powder , Surf and Surf excel can be kept in which of the following?
A. Product Line
B. Product Mix
C .Product Items
D. Product bundling
E. Product Index

Q 8.The Unilever’s products Rin Bar, Le sancy Soap, Close up toothpaste, Ponds talcum Powder and Lakme cream can be kept in which of the following categories? 
A. Product Line
B. Product Mix
C. Product Bundling
D.Product Items
E. Product Index

Q 9.In which stage of the product Life Cycle (PLC) the Profits are low / negligible? 
A. Introduction,
B. Growth
C. Maturity
D. Decline
E. none of the above

Q 10.Emphasis should be laid down on which of the following in the Introduction phase of Product Life Cycle? 
A. Profits
B. Cash Inflows
C. Market establishment
D. Distribution Strategy
E. Market Segmentation

Q 11.Which among the following involves Physical means of carrying goods?
A. Transportation
B. Warehousing
C. Merchandising
D. Communication
E. Distribution Channel

Q 12.Which among the following does not come under “packaging”?
A. Containers
B. Wrappers
C. Bottles
D. Cartoons
E. Instructions for use

Q 13.Date of Production, Date of expiry, precautions, legal warnings etc. come under which of the following?
A. Social Stigma
B. Advertising
C. Labeling
D. Packaging
E. None of the above

Q 14.In which of the following departments the information from Marketing Department flows directly to ?
A. Production Department
B. Purchase Department
C. Human Resource Department
D. Security Department
E.Production and Purchase Department

Q 15.Which among the following is increased by “Marketing Research” ?
A.Nominal Cost
B. Real Cost
C.Marginal Cost
D. Revenue

Q 16.Which among the following is ultimate outcome of “Increase in Sales” ?
A.Sales price
B. Purchase Price
C. Total Cost
D. Distribution Cost
E. National Income

Q 17.Which among the following is the ultimate aim of “Relationship Marketing”?
A. Increased Sales
B. Increased Profits
C. Increased number of customers
D. Increased Cross Selling
E. Decrease marginal cost

Q 18.Which among the following is not an essential of “Effective Marketing ” ?
A. motivation
B. communication skills
C. empathy
D. sympathy
E. perseverance

Q 19.Which among the following can be marketed to HNI group of individuals?
A.Essential Commodities
B. Luxury Goods
C. Low cost Substitutes
D.Potential Goods
E.Core products

Q 20.A ‘Lead’ in marketing means —-?
A. Prospective Buyer
B. Market Leader
C. Point of Sales
D. A company available for sale
E. None of the above


1. A
2. C
3. B
4. A
5. E
6. C
7. A
8. B
9. A
10. C
11. A
12. E
13. C
14. E
15. E
16. E
17. D
18. D
19. B
20. A