New Stratergy for New Patern

Dear Readers,

The SBI PO Mains
paper’s pattern was a bolt out of the blue.
We’ve seen SBI’s tricky level
in Prelims examination, but the sudden change of pattern in yesterday’s Mains
exam left many students puzzled. But students, SBI PO Mains paper was not the
end of your journey. It’s time analyse it carefully and learn from it. This
examination has shown that simply mugging up concepts won’t do you any good, ‘The aspirant bankers’ need to develop and
enhance their cognitive ability in order to keep up with the change and pace.

Some of you might have given many attempts of banking
examinations and some of you might have just started, the key point that you
need to learn from this examination is that the right decision and proper understanding of questions can be your game

You need to learn and adapt to face situations out of your comfort zone. What should
you do if there’s a question in the examination, whose pattern you are not
familiar with?
In such situation firstly it’s important not to panic, maintain your calm and secondly read the
directions carefully.
Those few seconds that you’ll invest in reading the
given directions carefully will definitely help you in developing better
understanding of the questions asked and you might figure out its answer sooner
than you’ve expected. Also you must develop a habit of reading stuff ‘on
screen’ and intercept the information very quickly.
A little investment of time
and effort in developing this skill will help you a lot in future and you could
save those valuable minutes and invest them in solving the questions. You can
opt to read journals online or newspapers or you can also give various online
quizzes and tests.

It’s up to you, whether you choose to mourn over this new
unexpected pattern or you take it as a challenge and prepare accordingly for upcoming
Don’t wait for the cut off list
as that is not in your hand, you’ve done your part , you’ve given the exam;
What you can do know is learn from this experience and improve your skills as
the competition is cut throat.