Night Class: English Quiz for IBPS/RBI Exam

Directions (1-10): In the following passage, some of the words have been left out, each of which is indicated by a number. Find the suitable word from the options given against each number and fill up the blanks with appropriate words to make the paragraph meaningfully complete.

Everyone needs quality sleep every single night, but lifestyle …(1)… and hurdles make sleep disorders more common than good sleep. This poor sleeping pattern has serious …(2)… on our health, and the first thing we …(3)… is unhealthy weight gain or weight loss, low concentration, and mood swings. If you have …(4)… sleeping …(5)… every day and this lack of sleep is …(6)… your day to-day routine, then you may be suffering from one of the many (and most common) sleep disorders. You will be surprised to know that there are many more sleep disorders than just insomnia and sleep apnoea. There are …(7)… sleep disorders and their …(8)…, You should take proper …(9)… before they take a …(10)… on your life.
(a) cozen
(b) choices
(c) abjure
(d) deter
(e) rustic
(a) coerce
(b) rampage
(c) repercussions
(d) rattle
(e) assent
(a) covert
(b) denounce
(c) bleak
(d) notice
(e) point
(a) mutilate
(b) trouble
(c) rear
(d) dismay
(e) cozy
(a) utmost
(b) in
(c) for
(d) at
(e) almost
(a) glimmering
(b) gamut
(c) fortifying
(d) affecting
(e) cascading
(a) bland
(b) copious
(c) various
(d) alternate
(e) growing
(a) warning
(b) symptoms
(c) signs
(d) indicia
(e) indication
(a) treatment
(b) healing
(c) hubris
(d) overt
(e) regimen
(a) abject
(b) toll
(c) barge
(d) muse
(e) poised
S1. Ans. (b) 
Sol.choices’ is correct word.

S2. Ans. (c) 
Sol. repercussion- an unintended consequence of an event or action, especially an unwelcome one.

S3. Ans. (d) 
Sol. ‘notice’ is correct word.

S4. Ans. (b) 
Sol. ‘trouble’ is correct word.

S5. Ans. (e) 
Sol.  ‘almost’ is correct word.

S6. Ans. (d) 
Sol. ‘affecting’ is correct word.

S7. Ans. (c) 
Sol.  ‘various’ is correct word.

S8. Ans. (b) 
Sol.  ‘symptoms’ is correct word.

S9. Ans. (a) 
Sol. ‘treatment’ is correct word.

S10. Ans. (b) 
Sol.  ‘toll’ is correct word.