Night Class: English Quiz

Directions: Which of the phrases given against the sentence should replace the word/phrase given in bold in the sentence to make it grammatically correct? If the sentence is correct as it is given and no correction is required, mark ‘No correction required’ as the answer.
1. Garima will spend a great dealing of money on books.
1) the great dealing of money 
2) a great deal of money 
3) a great dealing of the money
4) the great deal of the money 
5) No correction required

2. It is harsh to use the mind when the body is cold and aching.
1) difficult to use the mind 
2) hard to use mind 
3) harsh to using mind
4) harsh to putting mind 
5) No correction required
3. None of its college occupies a solid position at the top tier.
1) No one colleges 
2) None of the college 
3) None of its colleges
4) No one of college 
5) No correction required
4. This in turn, could have a negative impact on efforts to rebalance excessive debt.
1) in turning to have 
2) in the turn to have 
3) in turn can have
4) in the turn can have 
5) No correction required
5. Despite of the all hype and media attention, no one currently knows the best way forward.
1) Despite all of the hype 
2) Despite of hype 
3) Despite the all hype
4) Despite the all of hype 
5) No correction required
Directions: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions given below it. Certain words/ phrases have been given in bold to help you locate them while answering some of the questions.
In a country where more than 65 percent people still live in rural areas, the government is well aware of the political danger of being branded anti-farmer. Opposition parties have thrown their weight behind the protesters, giving a further headache to the government, which lacks a majority in the upper house of parliament. The ordinance has to be ratified by both the houses of parliament within six weeks of its promulgation. Speaking in parliament, the Indian Prime Minister struck a conciliatory tone saying he was ready to tweak the ordinance if it was deemed farmer. The government amended the land bill to placate the opposition as well as some of its allies. It passed the lower house of the parliament, where the government has a majority. Critics have questioned the haste with which the government made the changes to the 2013 land law, which was backed by PM’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) while in opposition.
6. Which of the following can be said about ‘Anti farmer’?
1) The government has gone against the welfare of common people.
2) By bringing the ordinance, the government repealed the democratic nature of land acquisition.
3) The government has turned whole protest meaningless.
4) Both 1 and 2
5) Other than given options.
7. Choose the word which is most similar to the word ‘Tweak’ as used in the passage?
1) Derange 
2) Release 
3) Modify 
4) Acquaintance 
5) Relief
8. What is the author’s main objective in writing the passage?
A. To point out that Rural India fights for its rights
B. To urge emerging protests to deal with patience.
C. To criticize conflicts among political parties.
1) Only A 
2) Only B 
3) Only B and C 
4) Only A and C 
5) All A, B and C
9. Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word ‘Ratified’ as used in the passage?
1) Disapproved 
2) Contradicted 
3) Opposed 
4) Revoked 
5) Certified
10. Which of the following statements is TRUE in the context of the passage?
1) People request the politicians to kill them rather than taking away their bread and butter.
2) If the government will not change its attitude towards the poor, it will encourage suicide.
3) With a burgeoning population, land is a major point of contention in India.
4) Land acquisition bill is operable.
5) Conflict over land has shot up by 25 percent in the past two years.

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