20-20 GA Capsule

Banking Current Affairs Economy News
Agreements/MoU Awards
Appointments RBI and Money/Capital Market
Sports News National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary
Awards Important Days and theme
Obituaries and Books & Authors Visits and MoUs
Appointments National/International News
Money/Capital Market and Banking Awareness Sports News
National Park/Wildlife Sanctuary/Power Plant /Folk Dance   Quiz 23 Central/state government’s scheme
Quiz 22 Important days and theme        Quiz 21  Awards                                        
Quiz 20 States in News                           Quiz 19 MISCELLANEOUS                   
Quiz 18 Based on Awards                       Quiz 17 Based on Schemes                       
Quiz 16 Based on International News     Quiz 15 New Appointments ( World)       
20- 20 Quiz GA Capsule (RBI In News) Quiz 13 (PM VISITS & AGREEMENTS)
Quiz 12 (Schemes by State Government)  Quiz 11 (PM VISITS & AGREEMENTS)
Quiz 10 (Schemes of Government)             Quiz  9 (Defence/NASA/Religious Census)
Quiz  8 (State In News/Committees)         Quiz  7 (Appointments/Summits)              
Quiz 6 (Indian Economy)                            Quiz 5 (Business News)                               
 Quiz 4 (Banks in News)                             Quiz 3 (Appointments)                              
Quiz 2 (Awards)                                        Quiz 1   (Sports)